S.C.U.L. is an acronym for The Subversive Choppers Urban Legion. SCUL is a bicycle chopper gang with an original base in the Boston, Massachussetts area, and has members living around the globe.

SCUL runs "missions" every "Saturnight" between April 1st and October 30th each year. A SCUL "pilot" is awarded points accoring to an algorithm that factors "ship" difficulty against distance travelled and severity of inclines (known as a "G-well rating"). A "pilot" can also accrue points by collecting Hi-fives from passersby (5 points each) and running over cups/bottles (that must make a noise, 5 points each).

According to these awarded points, a "pilot" acheives rank. When a "pilot" has been awarded 10,000 points they reach "Admiral" status.

To find out more about SCUL, visit them at www.scul.org

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