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Solstice DiskSuite - Sun's Software RAID for Solaris. The free option if you can't (or don't want to) use Veritas Volume Manager.

Disksuite is nowhere near as flexible as veritas volume manager. It works with slices/partitions on the systems' disks. Veritas, on the other hand, creates virtual slices inside a single slice called the "public region" and manipulates those. This allows Veritas to use an almost unlimited number of "slices" where SDS is stuck with a maximum of 7 per disk by the operating system. This slice limitation is the great weakness of SDS.

SDS excels at simple mirroring and striping. For anything much more complicated than basic redundancy and extending filesystems, though, you probably want Vxvm.

Often used abbreviation for Sydsvenska Dagbladet Snällposten, the older and more formal name for Sydsvenskan, the largest morning newspaper in the south of Sweden (Skåne). It has a daily circulation of about 130 000, and claims to have more than 300 000 daily readers. Politically it calls itself "independent liberal", which in Sweden means that it is social liberal and highly critical of the way the Social Democrats run the country.

The paper was started in 1848 by a man named Bernhard Cronholm, and is today owned by the Bonnier family (who, according to some, are slowly turning Swedish media into a monopoly).

SDS means "Statens Datasentral" (The Federal Data/info central) in Norway. It's where our names, birthdates, addresses, social security numbers, car registrations, criminal record, tax record, buisness record and a lot more is stored.

SDS is now regrouped to a state-owned company with a monopoly on storing vital data on Norway's citizens. The monopoly is in effect to protect the privacy of such data.

SDS sounds like a mental chainsaw massacre to any overly paranoid person. But the fact remains that the goverment can't function without this kind of information. Also, by storing all this information in a central database, it is easier to comply with the strict laws that SDS operates under.

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