A leftist, non-communist type of government. Embodied by Sweden, also in use in France, Germany, Italy, etc.

Relies on welfare state and labour laws to protect workers from the effects of ruthless capitalism. Mainly initiated out of bad memories from the first industrial revolution. May be highly business-hostile (old Labour Party in Britain) or more market friendly (today's France). May generate high unemployment if the economy falters.
I spent a term in France studying there and living there. It made me think about so many of the differences between the USA and France (How could it not?) but one that I spent a lot of time thinking about was healthcare. I was sick with the flu and my 'mom' wanted me to see the doctor. See the doctor?! I only have the flu. I'll sleep and drink a lot of water and be fine. It shocked me that they would consider a trip to the doctor...but after a conversation later about the topic, I realized why: Seeing a doctor is cheap because the cost is regulated and reimbursed by the state and it is also convieniant. Prescription medicine is around $15.00. That's all! And reimbursed by the state. "So what happens when someone gets really sick and they don't have insurance and can't afford to pay their medical bills?" My French family asked. "They don't get help." "What if they die?" "shrug"

My sister worked for a congressman and recieved incredibly good government health insurance. So when she was diagnosed with leukemia we were able to fight it, medically. Bone marrow transplants that were still considered 'experimental' and therefor not covered by normal insurance, were taken care of. However, she was not able to marry because she would have lost her insurance and we could not afford to pay the one million dollars that her six years of treatment totalled...So I guess there are reasons why I believe everyone should be able to benefit from health insurance. I just can't imagine being able to believe in social Darwinism.
The basic social democratic values are Freedom, equality and solidarity. These values form the the formulation of the social democratic practical policy.

The government and private business must work together to achieve a sustainable production. It is necessary to have both a market economy and a certain amount of political control. Capital and labour must work together in the struggle to achieve full employment and more human jobs.

The strongest is not the one who stands alone, but the one who acknowledges that we are dependent on others - and who recognises the fundamental value of our all being equal. Reject egotism and take responsibility for that the planet's resources are used and distributed in such a way that it becomes possible to create a good life for everyone.

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