Martsa ng Bayan (English: March of the People) is a revolutionary song composed by national democratic activist Jess Santiago in the 1980s. It was written for all sectors of Philippine society to unite against the Marcos dictatorial regime. Now it is still used today as an anti-dictatorship, anti-fascist song, especially (as of writing) against the current administration of Rodrigo Duterte.

I was not born before or during the Martial Law era, but I know that my countrymen and women fought against the fascist and dictatorial regime of Marcos. This song is one of the proof that the people are unhappy with the regime's corruption, feudalism, and violation of human rights. It was not only the workers, peasants, and progressive students who fought back, but also the middle-class, the church people, and the patriotic bourgeoisie. The song says:

Manggagawa at magsasaka
Kabataan at propesyunal
Mga alagad ng simbahan
Negosyante at pinunong makabayan

The song is still relevant in today's Philippine society. We have a new Marcos: Duterte. A Marcos-wannabe, a fascist, anti-poor, anti-worker, and a puppet of the United States. The Filipino must once again revolt and chant this song.

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