Reggae legend Bob Marley's final full-length release before his untimely death at age 36. Released in 1980, Uprising is considered his best effort by many. It is said that the Wailers all came together to make his last album a gem because they sensed that Bob was nearing his end.

There is no song more fitting to end the album than Redemption Song. It is a tearful goodbye to all those who were touched by Bob's music. At his final concert in Pittsburgh (9.23.80), he played an electrifying version with the full band coming in at the end. That recording can be found on disc 4 of the Songs of Freedom box set; it is the last track. Redemption Song is one of very few mainstream Marley songs that appeals to the masses while retaining its beauty and message.

Track Listing

1. Coming in From the Cold
2. Real Situation
3. Bad Card
4. We and Dem
5. Work
6. Zion Train
7. Pimper's Paradise
8. Could You Be Loved*
9. Forever Loving Jah
10. Redemption Song*

* Appears on Legend

Up*ris"ing, n.


Act of rising; also, a steep place; an ascent.

"The steep uprising of the hill."



An insurrection; a popular revolt.

J. P. Peters.


© Webster 1913.

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