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Transforms from race car to robot and back!


"They can't beat the best."

The complete egotist, SUNSTREAKER thinks he is the most beautiful thing on Earth. Loves his sleek styling, contemptuous of other Autobot race cars (particularly his twin, Sideswipe). Fires laser-guided ground-to-air rockets and high energy electron pulses at 300 bursts/sec. Tough polymer-steel skin resists artillery. Not a team player. Can be baited into dangerous situations, but is a very calm, competent and ruthless war machine.

  • Strength: 5
  • Intelligence: 6
  • Speed: 7
  • Endurance: 8
  • Rank: 5
  • Courage: 7
  • Firepower: 7
  • Skill: 6
Transformers Tech Specs

The car was a bright yellow Lamborghini with a huge engine mod stuck on the back. Sunstreaker was a lot boxier than his "brother" Sideswipe, but he still managed to sell well despite having nearly no airtime in the cartoon.

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