Comic book character published by Harvey Comics from 1949 until 1982.

Sad Sack was originally created by Sgt. George Baker and premiered in the U.S. Army weekly magazine Yank Magazine in May of 1942. Sad Sack was a mopey draftee who could never do anything right. He had a mean sergeant and the normal cast of tag along characters. The character had a great deal in common with Beetle Bailey. He appeared as well in the Sunday comics for the civilian population of the U.S.

He became truly famous and popular years later during the Korean War when he began to be published by Alfred Harvey's publishing company Harvey Comics. The comic book had many spin-off titles and Sad Sack was published by Harvey until the early 80s.

Sad Sack also crossed over from comics to both radio and movies. In 1942, a short-live radio program aired with the voice of Sad Sack being provided by Mel Blanc. A movie in 1957 called The Sad Sack was produced starring Jerry Lewis as Sad Sack. The character played well to Lewis's one-joke, slapstick persona.

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