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(serves 4 persons)



Carefully peel the grapefruits, removing every bit of the white skin, so that you only keep the pulp/core of them. The juice will run on your fingers during this phase - collect it, for you'll need it later. Put the grapefruit pulp bits in the refrigerator.

Heat 3/4 of the honey and all the collected grapefruit juice in a small pan. Add 3/4 of the sage leaves and let this strange yet delightful mixture infuse for at least an hour.

When serving time has come, take the grapefruit bits from out of the refrigerator and divide them in 4 plates. Pour the infused mixture over the plates through a strainer to get of rid of the sage. Heat the rest of honey and pour it in turn. Cut the rest of sage in tiny little bits and decorate your plates with them. Enjoy!

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