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A Persian cooper (barrel-maker) and noble, he and his friend, Saint Sennen, befriended Christians who were persecuted under the infamous persecutions of Roman Emperor Diocletian. After Abdon and Senen were found collecting the remains of martyrs to give them a proper burial, they were tortured and executed by the Romans, some time around 250 in Rome. According to the story, they were put into an arena with wild animals but remained unhurt as the animals left them alone. Gladiators were then sent in to kill them since the animals had failed to do so. Abdan and Sennen were buried in the Pontian Cemetary near the gates of Rome, though the cities of Florence and Soissons also claim to be in possession of the remains.

Today his feast day is celebrated on July 30 and he is the patron saint of coopers / barrel makers. He is also known as Abdo or Abdus.

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