Welcome to the Everything Saints Project. You can go back to List of Saints, or see all of them as Saints (all). Sources include google.com, Catholic teachings, and various other sources. It was divided by letter for easier searching because the original list is fairly cumbersome to load and look through manually. Enjoy, and /msg suggestions/additions to v3rgez.

Blessed Agnellus of Pisa

Blessed Agostino Novello
Blessed Alcuin
Blessed Alphonsus Mary Mazurek
Blessed Ambrose Sansedoni of Siena
Blessed Andrea Dotti
Blessed Angela of Foligno
Blessed Anne-Marie Javouhey
Blessed Anne of Saint Bartholomew
Blessed Anthony Baldinucci
Blessed Antony of Pavoni
Blessed Fra Angelico
Saint Abban of Magheranoidhe
Saint Abban of New Ross
Saint Abban the Hermit
Saint Abbo of Fleury
Saint Acca
Saint Adalard
Saint Adalbert of Magdeburg
Saint Adalbert of Prague
Saint Adam
Saint Adamnan
Saint Adelaide
Saint Adelaide of Bellich
Saint Adeodatus I
Saint Adeodatus II
Saint Ado of Vienne
Saint Adrian III
Saint Adrian of Canterbury
Saint Adrian of Nicomedia
Saint Aelred
Saint Aengus the Culdee
Saint Afra
Saint Agapetus I
Saint Agatha
Saint Agatho
Saint Agilulfus
Saint Agnes
Saint Agnes of Assisi
Saint Agnes of Montepulciano
Saint Agnes of Prague
Saint Agostina Petrantoni
Saint Agricius
Saint Aidan of Ferns
Saint Aidan of Lindisfarne
Saint Ailbe
Saint Aileran
Saint Alban
Saint Albert of Jerusalem
Saint Albert of Louvain
Saint Albert of Trapani
Saint Albert the Great
Saint Alcmund of Hexham
Saint Aldegundis
Saint Aldhelm
Saint Aldric
Saint Alexander Briant
Saint Alexander I
Saint Alexander Sauli
Saint Alexander of Alexandria
Saint Alexander of Comana
Saint Alexander of Jerusalem
Saint Alexis Falconieri
Saint Alexius
Saint Alfrida
Saint Alfwold
Saint Alnoth
Saint Aloysius Gonzaga
Saint Alphege the Martyr
Saint Alphonsus Liguori
Saint Alphonsus Rodriguez
Saint Alto
Saint Alypius
Saint Amalberga of Maubeuge
Saint Amand
Saint Ambrose
Saint Ambrose of Camaldoli
Saint Ammon the Great
Saint Anacletus
Saint Anastasia
Saint Anastasius I, Pope
Saint Anastasius I of Antioch
Saint Anastasius Sinaita
Saint Anastasius the Persian
Saint Anatolia
Saint Anatolius of Alexandria
Saint Anatolius of Constantinople
Saint Andrew Avellino
Saint Andrew Bobola
Saint Andrew Corsini
Saint Andrew of Crete
Saint Andrew the Apostle
Saint Andrew the Scot
Saint Angela Merici
Saint Angilbert
Saint Anicetus, Pope
Saint Anne
Saint Anne Line
Saint Anno
Saint Ansanus the Baptizer
Saint Ansegisus
Saint Anselm
Saint Anselm of Lucca the Younger
Saint Anselm of Nonantula
Saint Anskar
Saint Anterus
Saint Anthony
Saint Anthony Mary Claret
Saint Anthony Mary Zaccaria
Saint Anthony of Padua
Saint Antoninus of Florence
Saint Aphian
Saint Apollinaris
Saint Apollinaris Claudius
Saint Apollonia
Saint Arbogast
Saint Arialdo
Saint Arnulf of Metz
Saint Arnulf of Soissons
Saint Arsenius the Great
Saint Asaph
Saint Assicus
Saint Athanasius
Saint Attala
Saint Attracta
Saint Augustine of Canterbury
Saint Augustine of Hippo
Saint Aunarius
Saint Austremonius
Saint Avitus of Vienne
Saints Abdon and Sennen
Blessed Bartholomew Fanti
Blessed Beatrix d'Este I
Blessed Beatrix of Ornacieux
Blessed Beatrix of Valfleury
Blessed Benedict XI
Blessed Bernardine of Fossa
Blessed Bertha d'Alberti
Blessed Bertha of Marbais
Blessed Berthold of Engelberg
Blessed Brian Lacey
Saint Babylas
Saint Baithen of Iona
Saint Balbina of Rome
Saint Barbara
Saint Barnabas the Apostle
Saint Bartholomew the Apostle
Saint Basil of Amasea
Saint Basil the Great
Saint Basilides of Alexandria
Saint Bathilde
Saint Beatrix d'Este II
Saint Beatrix da Silva
Saint Bede the Venerable
Saint Benedetto Menni
Saint Benedict
Saint Benedict Biscop
Saint Benedict II
Saint Benedict Joseph Labre
Saint Benedict of Aniane
Saint Benedict the Black
Saint Benen
Saint Benezet
Saint Benignus of Dijon
Saint Berach
Saint Berard of Carbio
Saint Bercharius
Saint Bernadette Soubirous
Saint Bernard Tolomeo
Saint Bernard of Clairvaux
Saint Bernard of Menthon
Saint Bernard of Vienne
Saint Bernardine of Siena
Saint Bernward
Saint Bertha of Avenay
Saint Bertha of Blangy
Saint Bertin
Saint Bertulf
Saint Beuno
Saint Bibiana
Saint Birinus
Saint Blaise
Saint Blandina
Saint Blane
Saint Blathmac
Saint Boisil
Saint Bonaventure
Saint Boniface
Saint Boniface I
Saint Boniface IV
Saint Botulph
Saint Braulio
Saint Brenach
Saint Brendan the Navigator
Saint Bridget of Sweden
Saint Brieuc
Saint Brigid of Ireland
Saint Bruno
Saint Bruno of Querfurt
Saint Bruno of Segni
Saint Burchard of Würzburg
Saints Barlaam and Josaphat
Saints Basilides, Tripos, and Companions
Blessed Christina of Stommeln
Blessed Clare of Rimini
Blessed Columba of Rieti
Blessed Conrad of Ascoli
Blessed Conrad of Offida
Saint Caedmon
Saint Caesarius of Arles
Saint Caesarius of Nazianzus
Saint Caius, Pope
Saint Cajetan
Saint Callistus I
Saint Camillus de Lellis
Saint Canice
Saint Canute IV
Saint Carthage the Younger
Saint Casimir
Saint Catherine Laboure
Saint Catherine de' Ricci
Saint Catherine of Alexandria
Saint Catherine of Bologna
Saint Catherine of Genoa
Saint Catherine of Siena
Saint Catherine of Sweden
Saint Cecilia
Saint Cedd
Saint Celestine I
Saint Ceolfrid
Saint Ceslaus
Saint Chad
Saint Charles Borromeo
Saint Charles Lwanga
Saint Charles of Sezze
Saint Christopher
Saint Chrodegang
Saint Chromatius
Saint Chrysogonus
Saint Clare of Assisi
Saint Clare of Montefalco
Saint Claude de la Colombière
Saint Clement I
Saint Clement Mary Hofbauer
Saint Clement of Alexandria
Saint Clement of Ireland
Saint Cletus
Saint Clotilde
Saint Cloud
Saint Colette
Saint Colman Elo
Saint Colman MacCathbad
Saint Colman of Cloyne
Saint Colman of Dromore
Saint Colman of Kilmacduagh
Saint Colman of Lindisfarne
Saint Colman of Stockerau
Saint Colman of Templeshambo
Saint Columba
Saint Columba of Sens
Saint Columba of Spain
Saint Columba of Terryglass
Saint Columban
Saint Comgall
Saint Conal
Saint Conan
Saint Conrad of Parzham
Saint Conrad of Piacenza
Saint Cornelius
Saint Crispin of Viterbo
Saint Crispina
Saint Cronan of Roscrea
Saint Cuaran the Wise
Saint Cuthbert
Saint Cyprian of Carthage
Saint Cyprian of Toulon
Saint Cyril
Saint Cyril of Alexandria
Saint Cyril of Constantinople
Saint Cyril of Jerusalem
Saints Chrysanthus and Daria
Saints Cosmas and Damian
Saints Crispin and Crispinian
Saints Cyprian and Justina
Saints Cyril and Methodius
Saints Cyrus and John
Blessed Delphina
Blessed Denys the Carthusian
Blessed Didacus of Cadiz
Saint Damasus I
Saint Damien
Saint Darerca
Saint David of Wales
Saint Declan of Ardmore
Saint Deicolus
Saint Demetrius of Alexandria
Saint Denis
Saint Desiderius of Cahors
Saint Desiderius of Langres
Saint Desiderius of Vienne
Saint Deusdedit I
Saint Deusdedit of Canterbury
Saint Diarmaid the Just
Saint Dichu
Saint Didacus of Alcalá
Saint Dinooth
Saint Dionysius, Pope
Saint Dionysius of Corinth
Saint Dionysius the Areopagite
Saint Dionysius the Great
Saint Disibod
Saint Dominic
Saint Dominic Savio
Saint Donnan of Eigg
Saint Dorothy of Caesarea
Saint Dorothy of Montau
Saint Drostan
Saint Dubric
Saint Dunchadh
Saint Dunstan
Saint Dymphna
Saints Daniel, Elias, Isaias, Jeremy, and Samuel
Saints Daniel, Samuel, Angelus, and Companions
Blessed Edward Powell
Blessed Edward Waterson
Blessed Elizabeth of Reute
Blessed Eugene III
English Confessors and Martyrs
Saint Eata
Saint Edmund Arrowsmith
Saint Edmund Campion
Saint Edmund Rich
Saint Edmund the Martyr
Saint Edward the Confessor
Saint Edward the Martyr
Saint Edwin
Saint Egbert
Saint Egwin
Saint Eimhin
Saint Eithene
Saint Eithne
Saint Eleutherius, Pope
Saint Eleutherius of Spoleto
Saint Eleutherius of Tournai
Saint Eligius
Saint Elined
Saint Elizabeth
Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton
Saint Elizabeth of Hungary
Saint Elizabeth of Portugal
Saint Elizabeth of Schönau
Saint Elphege the Martyr
Saint Elzéar of Sabran
Saint Emerentiana
Saint Emiliana
Saint Emmeram
Saint Engelbert of Cologne
Saint Ephrem the Syrian
Saint Erasmus
Saint Erconwald
Saint Erhard of Ratisbon
Saint Ethelbert of East Anglia
Saint Ethelbert of Kent
Saint Etheldreda
Saint Ethelwold
Saint Eucharius
Saint Eucherius of Lyons
Saint Eucherius of Orléans
Saint Eugendus
Saint Eugene I
Saint Eugenius of Carthage
Saint Eulalia of Barcelona
Saint Eulalia of Mérida
Saint Eulogius of Alexandria
Saint Eulogius of Córdova
Saint Euphrasia of Constantinople
Saint Euphrosyne
Saint Eusebius, Pope
Saint Eusebius of Rome
Saint Eusebius of Samosata
Saint Eusebius of Vercelli
Saint Eustace White
Saint Eustace of Luxeuil
Saint Eustachius
Saint Eustathius of Antioch
Saint Eustochium Julia
Saint Euthymius the Great
Saint Eutychian
Saint Evaristus
Saint Exuperius
Blessed Faustina Kowalska
Blessed Ferdinand of Portugal
Blessed Frances d'Amboise
Blessed Francis Regis Clet
Blessed Francis of Fabriano
Blessed Frowin of Engelberg
Forty Martyrs of England and Wales
Forty Martyrs of Sebaste
Four Crowned Martyrs
Saint Fabian
Saint Fabiola
Saint Faith of Agen
Saint Felicity of Rome
Saint Felix I
Saint Felix III
Saint Felix IV
Saint Felix of Cantalice
Saint Felix of Nola
Saint Felix of Valois
Saint Ferdinand III
Saint Fergus Cruithneach
Saint Fergus of Downpatrick
Saint Fiacc
Saint Fiacre
Saint Fidelis of Sigmaringen
Saint Finan of Iona
Saint Finbarr
Saint Finnian of Moville
Saint Fintan of Clonenagh
Saint Fintan of Taghmon
Saint Flavian of Constantinople
Saint Florentina
Saint Florian
Saint Foillan of Fosses
Saint Fothad
Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini
Saint Frances of Rome
Saint Francis Borgia
Saint Francis Caracciolo
Saint Francis Solanus
Saint Francis Xavier
Saint Francis de Geronimo
Saint Francis de Sales
Saint Francis of Assisi
Saint Francis of Paola
Saint Frideswide
Saint Fridolin
Saint Fructuosus of Braga
Saint Frumentius of Ethiopia
Saint Fulcran
Saint Fulgentius of Ecija
Saint Fulgentius of Ruspe
Saint Fursey
Saints Faustinus and Jovita
Saints Felix and Adauctus
Saints Fructuosus, Augurius, and Eulogius
Blessed German Gardiner
Blessed Gertrude van der Oosten
Blessed Gil of Santarem
Blessed Giles of Assisi
Blessed Gunther
Saint Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows
Saint Gabriel the Archangel
Saint Gall
Saint Galla of Rome
Saint Gaspare del Bufalo
Saint Gatianus
Saint Gaudentius
Saint Gelasius I
Saint Gemma Galgani
Saint Genevieve
Saint Gennadius I
Saint George
Saint Gerald
Saint Gerard Majella
Saint Gerard of Brogne
Saint Gerard of Toul
Saint Germain of Auxerre
Saint Germain of Paris
Saint Germaine Cousin
Saint Germanus I
Saint Gertrude of Nivelles
Saint Gertrude the Great
Saint Gery
Saint Ghislain
Saint Gilbert of Sempringham
Saint Gildas the Wise
Saint Giles
Saint Giuseppe Maria Tommasi
Saint Goar
Saint Godeberta
Saint Godehard of Hildesheim
Saint Godeleine
Saint Gottschalk
Saint Gregory II
Saint Gregory III
Saint Gregory Thaumaturgus
Saint Gregory VII
Saint Gregory of Nazianzus
Saint Gregory of Nyssa
Saint Gregory of Tours
Saint Gregory of Utrecht
Saint Gregory the Great
Saint Gregory the Illuminator
Saint Gudula
Saint Guthlac
Saints Gallicanus
Saints Gervasius and Protasius
Blessed Hadewych
Blessed Henry Suso
Blessed Henry of Segusio
Holy Innocents
Saint Hallvard
Saint Hedwig
Saint Hegesippus
Saint Helen of Sköfde
Saint Helena
Saint Henry II
Saint Henry Walpole
Saint Herbert of Derwentwater
Saint Hereswitha
Saint Heribert of Cologne
Saint Hermann Joseph
Saint Hermengild
Saint Hilarion of Gaza
Saint Hilarus
Saint Hilary of Arles
Saint Hilary of Poitiers
Saint Hilda of Whitby
Saint Hildegard of Bingen
Saint Hippolytus of Rome
Saint Honoratus of Amiens
Saint Honoratus of Arles
Saint Honorius of Canterbury
Saint Hormisdas
Saint Hospitius
Saint Hubert of Liege
Saint Hugh of Lincoln
Saint Hugh the Great
Saint Humility
Saint Hyacinth of Cracow
Saint Hyacintha Mariscotti
Saint Hyginus
Blessed Ignacio de Azevedo
Blessed Imelda Lambertini
Blessed Innocent V
Blessed Ippolito Galantini
Blessed Isidore Bakanja
Saint Ibar
Saint Ignatius of Antioch
Saint Ignatius of Constantinople
Saint Ignatius of Laconi
Saint Ignatius of Loyola
Saint Ildephonsus
Saint Illtyd
Saint Ina
Saint Innocent I
Saint Irenaeus of Lyons
Saint Irene
Saint Isaac Jogues
Saint Isabel of France
Saint Isidore of Pelusium
Saint Isidore of Seville
Saint Isidore the Farmer
Saint Ita
Saint Ivan of Rila
Saint Ivo of Chartres
Saint Ivo of Kermartin
Blessed Jacobo Salomone
Blessed Jacopo de Voragine
Blessed Jacopone da Todi
Blessed Jakob Gapp
Blessed James Bell
Blessed James Benfatti
Blessed James Bertoni
Blessed James Bird
Blessed James Carvalho
Blessed James Duckett
Blessed James Fayaxida
Blessed James Fenn
Blessed James Gerius
Blessed James Grissinger
Blessed James Oldo
Blessed James Thompson
Blessed James of Bitetto
Blessed James of Capocci
Blessed James of Certaldo
Blessed Jan van Ruusbroec
Blessed Jane Scopelli
Blessed Jeanne Jugan
Blessed Jerome de Angelis
Blessed Joachim of Fiore
Blessed Joanna of Portugal
Blessed Johann Nepomuk von Tschiderer
Blessed John Amias
Blessed John Baptist Scalabrini
Blessed John Baptist Spagnuolo
Blessed John Beche
Blessed John Colombini
Blessed John Cornelius and Companions
Blessed John Duns Scotus
Blessed John Finch
Blessed John Forest
Blessed John Gavan
Blessed John Inamura
Blessed John Ingram
Blessed John Larke
Blessed John Lockwood
Blessed John Munden
Blessed John Nelson
Blessed John Nutter
Blessed John Pibush
Blessed John Rochester
Blessed John Shert
Blessed John Soreth
Blessed John Speed
Blessed John Story
Blessed John Tomaki
Blessed John of Parma
Blessed Jordan of Pisa
Blessed Jordan of Saint Stephen
Blessed Josemaria Escriva
Blessed Joseph Anchieta
Blessed Joseph Vaz
Blessed Josephine Vannini
Blessed Julian of Norwich
Blessed Julien Maunoir
Blessed Junipero Serra
Saint Jacoba
Saint Jacobinus de Canepaci
Saint Jacques Fremin
Saint James Intercisus
Saint James Kisai
Saint James of the Marches
Saint James the Greater
Saint James the Less
Saint Jane Frances de Chantal
Saint Jane of Valois
Saint Januarius
Saint Jarlath
Saint Jason
Saint Jeanne Elizabeth des Bichier des Anges
Saint Jeremy
Saint Jerome
Saint Jerome Emiliani
Saint Jessica
Saint Joachim
Saint Joan de Lestonnac
Saint Joan of Arc
Saint Joaquina Vedruna de Mas
Saint Jodoc
Saint John Baptist de Rossi
Saint John Baptist de la Salle
Saint John Berchmans
Saint John Bosco
Saint John Boste
Saint John Buckley
Saint John Cassian
Saint John Chrysostom
Saint John Climacus
Saint John Damascene
Saint John Eudes
Saint John Fisher
Saint John Francis Regis
Saint John Gabriel Perboyre
Saint John Gualbert
Saint John I, Pope
Saint John Jones
Saint John Joseph of the Cross
Saint John Leonardi
Saint John Mary Vianney
Saint John Nepomucene
Saint John Nepomucene Neumann
Saint John Ogilvie
Saint John Payne
Saint John Rigby
Saint John Roberts
Saint John Sarkander
Saint John Southworth
Saint John Stone
Saint John Twenge
Saint John Wall
Saint John de Brebeuf
Saint John de Britto
Saint John of Avila
Saint John of Beverley
Saint John of Capistrano
Saint John of Dukla
Saint John of God
Saint John of Kanty
Saint John of Matha
Saint John of Sahagun
Saint John of the Cross
Saint John the Almsgiver
Saint John the Apostle and Evangelist
Saint John the Baptist
Saint John the Dwarf, see John the Dwarf
Saint John the Silent
Saint Josaphat
Saint Joseph
Saint Joseph Cafasso
Saint Joseph Calasanz
Saint Joseph Mary Tommasi
Saint Joseph Moscati
Saint Joseph Oriol
Saint Joseph Pignatelli
Saint Joseph de Veuster
Saint Joseph of Arimathea
Saint Joseph of Cupertino
Saint Joseph of Leonissa
Saint Judas Cyriacus
Saint Jude Thaddeus
Saint Julia
Saint Julian the Hospitaller
Saint Juliana Falconieri
Saint Juliana of Liège
Saint Juliana of Nicomedia
Saint Julie Billiart
Saint Julius I
Saint Juniper
Saint Justin Martyr
Saint Justin de Jacobis
Saint Justus of Canterbury
Saints Joachim and Anne
Saints John and Paul
Saints Julian and Basilissa
Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha
Blessed Katharine Drexel
Saint Kenneth
Saint Kentigern
St. Kevin
Saint Kieran of Clonmacnoise
Saint Kieran of Seir-Kieran
Saint Kilian of Würzburg
Saint Kinga
Blessed Leonard Kimura
Saint Ladislaus
Saint Lambert of Maestricht
Saint Laurence Giustiniani
Saint Lawrence
Saint Lawrence O'Toole
Saint Lawrence of Brindisi
Saint Lawrence of Canterbury
Saint Leander of Seville
Saint Lebwin of Deventer
Saint Leo II
Saint Leo III
Saint Leo IX
Saint Leo the Great
Saint Leocadia
Saint Leodegarius
Saint Leonard of Noblac
Saint Leonard of Port Maurice
Saint Leonidas of Alexandria
Saint Leontius of Fréjus
Saint Leopold Bogdan Mandic
Saint Leopold the Good
Saint Linus
Saint Lorenzo Ruiz
Saint Louis Bertran
Saint Louis IX
Saint Louis Marie de Montfort
Saint Louis of Toulouse
Saint Louise de Marillac
Saint Luchesius
Saint Lucy of Syracuse
Saint Ludmila
Saint Luke Belludi
Saint Luke the Apostle
Saint Lutgardis
Saint Lydwina
Blessed Maddalena Caterina Morano
Blessed Marcelina Darowska
Blessed Margaret Pole
Blessed Margaret of Castello
Blessed Maria Crucified Satellico
Blessed Maria Francesca Rubatto
Blessed Maria Rafols
Blessed Maria Vicenta of Saint Dorothy
Blessed Marie Rose Durocher
Blessed Marie of the Incarnation
Blessed Marie of the Incarnation Martin
Blessed Mary MacKillop
Blessed Mary Magdalene Martinengo
Blessed Michelina of Pesaro
Blessed Miguel Pro
Blessed Virgin Mary
Saint Macarius of Antioch
Saint Macarius of Jerusalem
Saint Macarius the Elder, see also Macarius
Saint Macarius the Younger
Saint Macrina the Elder
Saint Macrina the Younger
Saint Madeleine-Sophie Barat
Saint Maelrubha
Saint Magnus of Füssen
Saint Malachy O'More
Saint Malo
Saint Mamas
Saint Mamertus
Saint Manahen
Saint Maolruain
Saint Marcellin Champagnat
Saint Marcellina
Saint Margaret Clitheroe
Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque
Saint Margaret of Antioch
Saint Margaret of Cortona
Saint Margaret of Hungary
Saint Margaret of Scotland
Saint Marguerite Bourgeous
Saint Marguerite d'Youville
Saint Maria Goretti
Saint Maria Lopez of Jesus
Saint Maria Soledad Torres Acosta
Saint Mark, Pope
Saint Mark the Evangelist
Saint Martha
Saint Martin I
Saint Martin de Porres
Saint Martin of León
Saint Martin of Tours
Saint Martina
Saint Martinian the Hermit
Saint Mary Euphrasia Pelletier
Saint Mary Frances of Naples
Saint Mary Joseph Rosello
Saint Mary Magdalene
Saint Mary Magdalene de' Pazzi
Saint Mary of Egypt
Saint Matilda of Saxony
Saint Matthew the Apostle
Saint Matthias the Apostle
Saint Maurice
Saint Maurus
Saint Maximilian Kolbe
Saint Maximilian of Tebessa
Saint Maximinus of Trèves
Saint Maximus of Turin
Saint Maximus the Confessor
Saint Mechtilde
Saint Medard
Saint Meinrad
Saint Melania the Elder
Saint Melania the Younger
Saint Melito of Sardis
Saint Mellitus
Saint Menas
Saint Methodius
Saint Methodius of Constantinople
Saint Methodius of Olympus
Saint Metrophanes
Saint Michael de Sanctis
Saint Michael the Archangel
Saint Miltiades
Saint Monegundis
Saint Monica
Saint Moses the Black, see Abba Moses
Saint Mura
Saints Mark and Marcellian
Blessed Nuno of Saint Mary
Saint Nazarius of Lérins
Saint Neophytos
Saint Nicephorus of Constantinople
Saint Nicholas I
Saint Nicholas Owen
Saint Nicholas Pieck
Saint Nicholas of Flüe
Saint Nicholas of Myra
Saint Nicholas of Tolentino
Saint Ninian
Saint Norbert
Saint Notburga of Tyrol
Saint Novatus
Saints Nabor and Felix
Saints Nazarius and Celsus
Blessed Osanna Andreasi
Saint Odilia
Saint Odilo of Cluny
Saint Odo
Saint Olaf aka Saint Olav
Saint Olympias
Saint Omer
Saint Optatus of Milevis
Saint Osmund
Saint Oswald of Northumbria
Saint Oswald of York
Saint Oswin
Saint Othmar
Saint Ouen
Blessed Padre Pio
Saint Pachomius
Saint Pacificus of San Severino
Saint Pammachius
Saint Pamphilus of Caesarea
Saint Pantaleon
Saint Papias of Hierapolis
Saint Pascal Baylon
Saint Paschasius of Rome
Saint Patrick
Saint Paul
Saint Paul Miki
Saint Paul of the Cross
Saint Paul the Hermit
Saint Paul the Simple
Saint Paula
Saint Paulinus II
Saint Paulinus of Nola
Saint Paulinus of York
Saint Pelagia of Antioch
Saint Pelagia of Tarsus
Saint Pelagia the Harlot
Saint Perpetuus
Saint Peter Arbues
Saint Peter Baptist
Saint Peter Canisius
Saint Peter Celestine
Saint Peter Chanel
Saint Peter Chrysologus
Saint Peter Claver
Saint Peter Damian
Saint Peter Gonzalez
Saint Peter Nolasco
Saint Peter Orseolo
Saint Peter of Alcántara
Saint Peter of Alexandria
Saint Peter the Apostle
Saint Philastrius
Saint Philip Neri
Saint Philip of Jesus
Saint Philip the Apostle
Saint Pionius
Saint Pius I
Saint Pius V
Saint Pius X
Saint Placidus
Saint Polycarp of Smyrna
Saint Polydore Plasden
Saint Pontian
Saint Poppo
Saint Porphyrius of Gaza
Saint Possidius
Saint Praxedes
Saint Proclus of Constantinople
Saint Pudentia
Saints Perpetua and Felicity
Saints Primus and Felician
Saints Processus and Martinian
Saints Protus and Hyacinth
Saints Quiricus and Julitta
Blessed Rafal Chylinski
Blessed Richard Featherstone
Blessed Richard Whiting
Saint Richard White
Saint Raphael the Archangel
Saint Raymond Nonnatus
Saint Raymond of Peñafort
Saint Rembert
Saint Richard Gwyn
Saint Richard of Chichester
Saint Rita of Cascia
Saint Robert Bellarmine
Saint Robert of Chaise-Dieu
Saint Robert of Molesme
Saint Robert of Newminster
Saint Roch
Saint Romanos
Saint Romuald, see also St. Romuald
Saint Rosalia
Saint Rose of Lima
Saint Rose of Viterbo
Saint Roseline
Saint Ruadhan of Lorrha
Saint Rupert of Salzburg
Saint Rusticus of Narbonne
Saint Sabas
Saint Sabina
Saint Samson of Brittany
Saint Saturninus of Toulouse
Saint Seachnall
Saint Sebastian
Saint Senan of Scattery
Saint Seraphin of Montegranaro
Saint Serapion of Antioch
Saint Sergius I
Saint Sexburga
Saint Silverius
Saint Simeon Stylites the Elder
Saint Simeon Stylites the Younger
Saint Simon Stock
Saint Simon the Apostle
Saint Simplicius
Saint Siricius
Saint Sixtus I
Saint Sixtus II
Saint Sixtus III
Saint Soter
Saint Stanislaus Kostka
Saint Stanislaus of Cracow
Saint Stephen
Saint Stephen Harding
Saint Stephen I
Saint Stephen of Hungary
Saint Stephen of Muret
Saint Susanna
Saint Swithbert
Saint Swithin
Saint Swithin Wells
Saint Sylvester Gozzolini
Saint Sylvia
Saint Symphorian
Saints Sergius and Bacchus
Blessed Thomas Abel
Blessed Thomas Welbourne
Blessed Thomas Whitbread
Saint Tarasius
Saint Tarkin
Saint Tarsicius
Saint Tarsilla
Saint Tassach
Saint Teilo
Saint Telesphorus
Saint Teresa Benedicta of the Cross
Saint Teresa of Avila
Saint Ternan
Saint Thais
Saint Thecla of Iconium
Saint Thecla of Kitzingen
Saint Theobald of Provins
Saint Theodore Tyro
Saint Theodotus of Ancyra
Saint Theophanes the Chronicler
Saint Therese of Lisieux
Saint Thomas Aquinas
Saint Thomas Becket
Saint Thomas Garnet
Saint Thomas More
Saint Thomas of Villanova
Saint Thomas the Apostle
Saint Tigris
Saint Timothy of Rome
Saint Trudo
Saint Trudpert
Saint Trumwin
Saint Turibius of Mongrovejo
Saint Typasius
Saint Tysilio
Saint Ubaldus Baldassini
Saint Ulric of Augsburg
Saint Urban I
Saint Valentine
Saint Veronica Giuliani
Saint Vicelinus
Saint Victor I
Saint Victor of Milan
Saint Victorinus of Pettau
Saint Vigilius
Saint Vincent
Saint Vincent Ferrer
Saint Vincent de Paul
Saint Vincent of Lérins
Saint Vindicianus
Saint Virgilius
Saint Vitalis of Milan
Saint Vitalis of Savigny
Saint Vladimir the Great
Saints Vitalis and Agricola
Blessed William Way
Saint Walburga
Saint Wenceslaus
Saint Wendelin of Trier
Saint Werburga of Chester
Saint Wigbert
Saint Wilfrid of York
Saint Willehad of Bremen
Saint William Fitzherbert
Saint William of Eskilsöe
Saint William of Gellone
Saint William of Maleval
Saint William of Rochester
Saint Willibald
Saint Willibrord
Saint Willigis
Saint Winebald of Heidenheim
Saint Winifred
Saint Winnoc
Saint Winwallus
Saint Wolfgang
Saint Wulfram
Saint Wulfstan
Saint Xystus I
Saint Xystus II
Saint Xystus III
Saint Yves
Saint Yves of Chartres

Here is the master list of Russian Orthodox saints. The list has been broken up by letter as well; you can either navigate that way by clicking on the header letters below or by going to v3rgez's writeup list of saints. Where the lists overlap, I have tried to pipelink such that the names point to the same place. However, I may easily have missed a few here and there, so be sure to /msg me with additions and corrections you feel should be made.

Main source: http://www.gnisios.narod.ru/lives.html
























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