Anthony of Padua is the Catholic saint of lost stuff. His tongue is preserved at the Vatican, leaving an interesting mystery of faith: where is the rest of him? Surely it's not... lost? Well, you can't ask St. Anthony, because his tongue is in the Vatican. Anyhow, he was martyred in 1231. So, next time you start to say, "Where in God's name is X?" and use foul language... don't. Use your chain of command, and pray to St. Anthony first. Of course, if you're not Catholic, all bets are off.

St. Anthony was named patron saint of finding lost objects stems from his time as a Franciscan friar. He was a famous orator and also a teacher. One day, a student in his abbey decided to quit; he no longer wanted to become a priest and basically went AWOL. However, in the process of leaving, the bitter ex-priest stole St. Anthony's personal psalter, containing all of his personal notes for sermons. Devastated, Anthony prayed for his psalter's return, wanting a lifetime's worth of notes back. In response to his prayer, God changed the ex-priest's mind and had the priest give the psalter back. The townspeople were so impressed that they began praying through Anthony to find lost objects after his death; after all, if God returned such an important item to him, why couldn't he help ordinary people?

An alternate version of this story is that a demon appeared in the path of the ex-priest and forced him to return the psalter. However, this tale was discredited by the Catholic Church. After all, why would an inherently evil creature come to the aid of a good priest?

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