Welcome to the Everything Saints Project. You can go back to List of Saints, or see all of them as Saints (all). Sources include google.com, Catholic teachings, and various other sources. It was divided by letter for easier searching because the original list is fairly cumbersome to load and look through manually. Enjoy, and /msg suggestions/additions to v3rgez.

Blessed Agnellus of Pisa
Blessed Agostino Novello
Blessed Alcuin
Blessed Alphonsus Mary Mazurek
Blessed Ambrose Sansedoni of Siena
Blessed Andrea Dotti
Blessed Angela of Foligno
Blessed Anne-Marie Javouhey
Blessed Anne of Saint Bartholomew
Blessed Anthony Baldinucci
Blessed Antony of Pavoni
Blessed Fra Angelico
Saint Abban of Magheranoidhe
Saint Abban of New Ross
Saint Abban the Hermit
Saint Abbo of Fleury
Saint Acca
Saint Adalard
Saint Adalbert of Magdeburg
Saint Adalbert of Prague
Saint Adam
Saint Adamnan
Saint Adelaide
Saint Adelaide of Bellich
Saint Adeodatus I
Saint Adeodatus II
Saint Ado of Vienne
Saint Adrian III
Saint Adrian of Canterbury
Saint Adrian of Nicomedia
Saint Aelred
Saint Aengus the Culdee
Saint Afra
Saint Agapetus I
Saint Agatha
Saint Agatho
Saint Agilulfus
Saint Agnes
Saint Agnes of Assisi
Saint Agnes of Montepulciano
Saint Agnes of Prague
Saint Agostina Petrantoni
Saint Agricius
Saint Aidan of Ferns, see also St. Aiden
Saint Aidan of Lindisfarne
Saint Ailbe
Saint Aileran
Saint Alban
Saint Albert of Jerusalem
Saint Albert of Louvain
Saint Albert of Trapani
Saint Albert the Great , see also Albertus Magnus
Saint Alcmund of Hexham
Saint Aldegundis
Saint Aldhelm
Saint Aldric
Saint Alexander Briant
Saint Alexander I
Saint Alexander Sauli
Saint Alexander of Alexandria
Saint Alexander of Comana
Saint Alexander of Jerusalem
Saint Alexis Falconieri
Saint Alexius
Saint Alfrida
Saint Alfwold
Saint Alnoth
Saint Aloysius Gonzaga
Saint Alphege the Martyr
Saint Alphonsus Liguori
Saint Alphonsus Rodriguez
Saint Alto
Saint Alypius
Saint Amalberga of Maubeuge
Saint Amand
Saint Ambrose
Saint Ambrose of Camaldoli
Saint Ammon the Great
Saint Anacletus
Saint Anastasia
Saint Anastasius I, Pope
Saint Anastasius I of Antioch
Saint Anastasius Sinaita
Saint Anastasius the Persian
Saint Anatolia
Saint Anatolius of Alexandria
Saint Anatolius of Constantinople
Saint Andrew Avellino
Saint Andrew Bobola
Saint Andrew Corsini
Saint Andrew of Crete
Saint Andrew the Apostle
Saint Andrew the Scot
Saint Angela Merici
Saint Angilbert
Saint Anicetus, Pope
Saint Anne
Saint Anne Line
Saint Anno
Saint Ansanus the Baptizer
Saint Ansegisus
Saint Anselm
Saint Anselm of Lucca the Younger
Saint Anselm of Nonantula
Saint Anskar
Saint Anterus
Saint Anthony
Saint Anthony Mary Claret
Saint Anthony Mary Zaccaria
Saint Anthony of Padua
Saint Antoninus of Florence
Saint Aphian
Saint Apollinaris
Saint Apollinaris Claudius
Saint Apollonia
Saint Arbogast
Saint Arialdo
Saint Arnulf of Metz
Saint Arnulf of Soissons
Saint Arsenius the Great
Saint Asaph
Saint Assicus
Saint Athanasius
Saint Attala
Saint Attracta
Saint Augustine of Canterbury
Saint Augustine of Hippo
Saint Aunarius
Saint Austremonius
Saint Avitus of Vienne
Saints Abdon and Sennen

Here are the Russian Orthodox "A" saints, with their feastdays when available:

Source: http://www.gnisios.narod.ru/lives.html

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