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Born in 330 CE, died in 379 CE.

Saint Basil the Great is known for his statesmanship and oration as well as his efforts to improve clerical discipline in the face of growing corruption in his native Cappadocia involving prostituion trafficing by the clergy there. Saint Basil the Great was also pivotal in the victory of Nicene Orthodoxy over the Arian Heresy.

Saint Basil the Great is the Patron Saint of Reformers and Hospital Administrators. His feast day is celebrated on January 2nd.

A prayer for Saint Basil the Great:

Dear St. Basil, you lived among Saints: your parents and your best friend, Gregory Nazianzen. You were an inspirer of true monastic life and a reformer of priests and laity. Help all those who work for moral reform in our turbulent age. Give them a true knowledge of Jesus so that they will draw all people to Him.


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