Saint Michael's College (SMC) is a small, private, Liberal Arts College located in Colchester, Vermont (about 5 miles from downtown Burlington). The College was founded in 1904 by the Society of Saint Edmund. Originally, only men were admitted to SMC, but since 1970 both men and women have been admitted.

Saint Michael's College has 28 majors that yield either a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science degree. There are also graduate programs and a program for International students.

College Facts (current as of April 2002):
90% of students live on campus
There is a 13:1 student-faculty ratio
There are 1,800 undergraduate students
Tuition is $28,455


St. Michael's College is also one of the major colleges at University of Toronto. The college system at U of T is a bit weird, while you can take any class you want in the university, all undergrads and grads are all enrolled in a college or faculty which you use for dorms if you want to, registration, and other little details. For reasons beyond me, St. Mikes is the largest residence on the University, so a lot of people end up there just because they didn't get into the college of their choice

SMC, as it is known, is technically a Catholic college, which they try to show. Mass is held every Sunday, and a variety of Basilian monks walking around. Here's a hint, they don't like being called Padre, don't ask me why.

However, thanks to the huge international student body at U of T, its only about half catholic and half other. In the dorm below me, they stuck together a Hindu and a Muslim together, I think they were planning to televise the resulting hilarity. Most students who don't specify a college that they want to go to are stuck in SMC, which means that St. Mikes is one of the most diverse colleges on campus. Speaking of Campus, St Mikes is on the exact wrong end of it. Instead of being on the cheep side of Toronto, Spadina St., we're on the corner of Bay and Bloor, one of the ritziest places in Toronto. I don't exactly have much need of the Tiffany's a block away from me. This leads to having to walk accross Queen's Park everytime you want to get on the main campus. Not exactly a long walk, but these Toronto winters get ever so cold.

So, if your thinking of going to Toronto, give St. Mikes a look if you don't mind long walks to classes, 60's era gray brick architecture, single sex dorms, and "Girl Hours." Actually, skip St. Mikes and go across the street to Victoria College. The one good thing I can say about the place is that if you stay on Res, you have a much better chance of getting a single dorm in your later years, a luxury beyond measure in college

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