Everything You Need To Know About Saint Pega

  • Saint Pega was a late 7th/early 8th century Anglo-Saxon abbess and anchorite (hermit).
  • Her brother was Saint Guthlac, who is much more famous than she is.
  • Born in Mercia to a nobleman, she eventually settled in Peterborough - the town of Peakirk ("Pega's church") is named for her.
  • After her brother's death, she made a pilgrimage to Rome and died in 719. The healing powers of the relics she left in La Citta were the miracle that bestowed sainthood upon her.

And that's all you need to know.

Something You Do Not Need To Know, But Is Kinda Creepy

Pega actually lived with her brother Guthlac in Croyland at his abbey for a time - until one day (according to legend) when the Devil adopted Pega's form and tried to tempt Guthlac into breaking his fast. Guthlac resisted, and sent his sister away to prevent any more temptations. She never saw her brother alive again.

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