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Story Introduction

   Sequel to the Volition's popluarly recieved Saints Row, Saints Row 2 picks up where the first game leaves off.  <<<SPOILER>>>   Waking up from a coma after the explosive ending of the first game, the player has spent three years in a coma hooked up to life support.  Upon escaping from the medical wing of the prison you have been cooped up in the player finds out that they no longer have the Saints to rely on for support.  With the disappearance of Julius, the Saints prior leader, and you in a coma the 3rd Street Saints fall apart without leadership.  After hearing and seeing what has befallen the city of Stilwater, which was completely run by the Saints at the end of the first game, the player takes up the mantle of leader of the 3rd Street Saints and set out to remind people you don't cross the Saints and seek your vengeance. 

Notable Feature

 Co-op: Two players can connect either through system link or online play and play the campaign much like the recently released Mercenaries 2.

Avatar Creation:  Robust character creation system with a multitude of available options. 

Clothing:  Go on a shopping spree and dress your hood anyway you want!  The game is capable of saving outfits for easy retrieval. 

Vechicle Customization:  The player is free to "pimp" their rides from grills, hydrallics, nitroious, spinners and more to get the right look for their ride.

Own the City:  In addition to taking over neighborhoods of Stillwater and earning protection money from them the player can purchase into businesses throughout Stilwater and earn a piece of their profit. 



Saints Row 2 (Video Game)

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