This is essentially a technical sales support job. Definitely not engineering, and barely sales, it is a sales engineer's duty to get on the phone with potential clients, partners and otherwise, and explain technology, and perhaps collect any relevant technical information.

This job takes some sales skills (listening to needs, figuring out how we can get the client to buy) but for the most part, it entails explaining the same technology multiple times a day to multiple techies.

And yes. This is what I do all day.

At my particular job, for Manhattan-based ScreamingMedia, I get to talk about Java applications, XSLT, and all sorts of other integration, even though my act is all bullshit. Little do they know my degree was a double major in English (Rhetoric)and Government (International Relations) I get paid on a techie scale with little technical knowledge (HTML, JS, and thats about it), since I'm a bullshit artist.

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