I had a real life lesson in learning to separate the anal retentives from the slackers. I found you could read "slackers" as an acronym for:

Sloppy Lazy Ass Cock Knockers Earning Remorseful Salaries

I hired folks to work with/for me for 10 years between 1980 and 1990. Some of these folks made a whole lot of money and some even went on to open up their own businesses. But I saw such a decline in the average overall work ethic in this country during those 10 years that it was absolutely amazing to witness. You could practically chart it on a graph with the trend constantly moving downward.

When it got to the point that I could not trust anyone I hired to actually work without me standing over them with a bullwhip, I said "To Hell With It" and just started working by myself. I've been much happier and, most likely, just as rewarded financially as when I had a Staff of what passes for a workforce these days.

It's called anal retention, but it really means that you keep your shit together long enough to get a job done.

A 2002 movie in the tradition of American Pie and similar movies of late, Slackers provides plenty of scenes that make you question why you spent money to see it, and balance that out with scenes that are so completely sick and wrong that all you can do is laugh.

Peter Travers of Rolling Stone describes the film as "...a shit stain on the genre and on the young careers of writer David H. Steinberg (he scripted American Pie 2) and director Dewey Nicks."

He may being a little hard on the movie…but not too terribly hard.

Three college roommates (Jeff, Dave, and Sam) must pull off one final cheating scam in order to graduate. Jeff steals a copy of the test's blue book, Sam fakes being hit by a truck, and Dave sneaks into the mid-term to copy the test questions. While in the mid-term, Dave notices the beautiful Angela and leaves his name and phone number with her. Unfortunately Angela's stalker, notices Dave’s advances, as well as his cheating.

Ethan then uses his information on their cheating to blackmail the three, forcing them to set him up with Angela.

Slackers is a BAD movie, but it is great for turning off your mind and just laughing- if you can handle that sort of thing.

It also offers a fairly decent cast. Jeff is played Michael C. Maronna by of Nickelodeon’s The Adventures of Pete and Pete and those Ameritrade.com commercials. Ethan is played by Jason Schwartzman, probably best known for his work in Rushmore. Other actors in the movie include Jason Segel (as Sam) from NBC's Freaks and Geeks, James King (as Angela), and Laura Prepon (as Angela's roommate) from That 70's Show.

Slackers CD's and Games

What is Slackers?
Slackers is a new and used electronic media store with 7 locations in America's heartland (5 in MO and 2 in IL). They buy, sell and trade CD's, DVD's, records, VHS tapes, and video games spanning from old to new and underground to pop. They also have a series off collectibles such as stickers, posters, and stand ups like many record stores do.

What set Slackers apart from other record/video game shops?
As soon as you walk in, a wave of cool sweeps over you. And I don't mean they have nice AC, it's like being inside a C!. The store plays a wide variety or uncensored alternative music over their in house speaker system. This may be why our local radio/internet station, 93x, picks this as their location for promotions. Monthly there will be a midnight gathering at for some either CD or video game release. Come on down. It's just fun. Beyond the sound, they have the best trial system for video games in the universe. It's called "the pit". A couch, TV, and every video game system ever made. You can grab a Red Bull (also provided at a small charge) and "test" the game for hours. They have a similar policy with music, but this is the standard headphones and stool gig, but cool still. If you're lucky or if you know anyone that works there you can get the employees sample your selection over the speaker system. They employees are always helpful and fun. All the alternative teens want to work there, so they always have a giant stack of applicants to find the best workers from. So you end up with nice service and some style. Above their great selection, hospitality, sound, and resources, they have agreeable prices. This goes for both trading in and buying. They have a buy 3 get one free deal on almost everything in house, and always offer $1, $3, or $5 off coupons (also in house).

Wow! Anything else?
Slackers has became something of a mecca for, well... slackers. They have a small clothing selection featuring their logo, and they offer free magnets! It is, by far, the best video game store in the area. Stop by if you're in town!
All information found the Slackers magnet and going there. Visit Http://www.SlackerSite.com/ for more information and addresses!

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