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A Hybrid TDM/VoIP Key telephone system, the Samsung Officeserv 7100 was introduced in 2006. It was built to replace the IDCS series of key telephone systems.There was a new line of TDM and VoIP handsets that were introduced, but you could still use the older IDCS phones if you were going the TDM route.

The system can still be programmed via the phones using MMC's, but Samsung introdouced a Web based management tool that makes programming the sets much easier, if you are new to Samsung.

The Officeserv 7100 is meant for small businesses. It only has 3 bays and can have up to 48 total ports, so if you want 32 TDM phones, you can have a maximum of 16 trunks. It can handle a PRI circuit and 20 TDM phones, plus up to 16 Voice over IP phones. It does not have T1 capability.

Personally, my view of the Samsung series of telephone systems is that while they have a good amount of features,it is a PITA to program, and it is not exactly what I would call reliable. It works fine for basic telephony, but their CTI applications are erratic at best.

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