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Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat beer is the worst tasting beer I can ever remember drinking.

The taste was somewhere between a traditional wheat beer and cherry-flavored cough syrup. Though it claims to be golden in color, I found it to be a standard wheat beer pale yellow leaning towards gray. The aroma is 100% Robitussin and my initial reaction was revulsion; bad childhood memories rushed back with that smell. Since it is a wheat beer, Cherry Wheat is unfiltered and not clear like more conventional beers such as lagers, ales or pilsners. The combination of non-spectacular yellow color, murkiness and horrid aroma does not make for an appetizing glass of beer.

Cherry Wheat was first brewed by the Samuel Adams brewery in 1995. There are 166 calories per 12oz bottle and each contains 5.2% alcohol by volume. It is currently available all year.

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