Jim: Yes, yes I have a very little secret we'd like to tell
Tom: And we think people to know about it
Jim: The snow will be falling
Tom: And the cats'll be ballin, yeah, theyll be knockin em selves out
Jim: Know the reason why
Tom: Why?
Jim: Santa Claus is smokin' reefer
     Santa Claus is smokin tea
     Hes so high in the sky, stays loaded all the time
     Come on down
Ken: Hes got good stuff for the kiddies!
Tom: He's hip nowadays, not like my mother, my father
Jim: The kids are jivin
Tom: Jolly fellow, hes that fellow
Jim: Not the cat you think it is Santy Claus is lighting up to the hay

Squirrel Nut Zippers, Best Of Kevin & Bean: A Family Christmas

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