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From: The Thorough Good Cook

Entrees: 2. Sausage-Meat (plain)

Take any quantity of lean beef or pork, with half the quantity of fat, and having freed the lean of every particle of skin, sinews, and gristle, mince both it and the fat as fine as possible, adding for each pound of meat a large teaspoonful of pepper and the same quantity of salt; strew this on the meat and mix the whole thoroughly together, as a stock for further seasoning.

Another Way:
To the meat of a leg of pork of about four pounds weight, add two pounds of fat from the fore loin; chop both very fine; then add two nutmegs grated, twenty cloves, a teaspoon-full of pounded or grated lemon-peel, two or three blades of mace, pounded, one ounce of the best salt, and half an ounce of black pepper; mix all together. This sausage-meat would be much improved by pounding the meat, and mixing it with one-third of its bulk of white bread soaked in milk and also pounded, blending the whole together with beaten egg.

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