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"Scary Miss Mary" is the name of a messed up little comic by Jill Friemark. The title character, one Miss Mary, is a rather odd, though well meaning, girl. Her father is a knife thrower and magician, and we find in the first installment, "Fun With Knives", that she too is a fan of sharp objects. She has a creepy doll named Edward, which, thanks to some magic on the part of her Dad, can talk. When Edward first starts speaking to her, Miss Mary wonders if it could really be alive. To find out, she sticks a knife through it's body. She's not trying to be mean, it's just the way she thinks.

A friend of mine described her as "A gothy Powerpuff Girl with a thing for knives." The comic also features Brussels the vegetarian vampire (he only eats tomatoes).

Scary Miss Mary makes for great shirts, which I would wear were I a woman (unfortunately they're not really things a guy can get away with wearing). One shows Miss Mary looking very cute and holding a large kitchen knife, with the text "Thinking of You" beneath.

I started searching on Google to find out how many issues there have been, and sadly, it seems that while there is tons of merchandise, there is only that one single comic. I hope I'm wrong, though.

Check out the webpage, http://www.scarymissmary.com, if just to see what she looks like.

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