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Lately I haven't been around a whole lot for various reasons, so it may take me a while to respond to messages and such.
I am effectively fled-by-apathy, though I occasionally log in to check messages.
I might write something here again. I just need to figure out what.

Unless otherwise marked, everything I've written on this site is under the CC Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 license.

I solemnly covenant that at least 90% of my writeups shall be factual writeups. For this purpose, I will use liveforever's excellent definitions that a factual writeup is "anything serious, verifiable, factual and solid" and that anything that is in the category of "opinion pieces, GTKY WUs, humour, and other unserious stuff" is not.

Currently, I have 199 writups, of which the following are (to my mind) non-factual: The art of urban scavenging, coffin nail, MD 20/20, coffin varnish, How to order a Happy Meal without embarrassment, hard water, Ornaments of Gold, Mayhem of the Mooninites, How to write portable code, UAC

Thus (199-10)/199 ≈ 95% of my writeups are factual.

10/24/2003, 22:00: EDB beats the living crap out of randombit with a pool cue.

sam512 says Good thinking. A place on the last shuttle off Earth has been reserved just for you.

Webster 1913: My interests are wide and varied, unlike your limited scope of interests.

Noung says You suck ten types of balls! And you ENJOY IT! (Damn right, Noung)

2/28/2005, 23:30:
<randombit> EDB, is that a new homenode pic? Looking hott!
EDB bats its pretty long lashes at randombit.

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