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An episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force that had me consistently laughing through the entire show. (OK, every episode is like that, actually.)

Master Shake decides, instead of say, going out and getting a damn job, that he will rent out Meatwad's room. A couple of "Mooninites" (think Space Invaders with serious attitude problems), named Ignignokt and Err show up to get the space. They pay for the room by stealing Meatwad's jambox and then giving it to Shake.

Ignignokt is a large green space invader, with a calm and rational sounding voice. Err is tiny and hot pink. He's pretty exitable; in fact, he reminds me of Hesh, from Sealab 2021. They're both constantly spouting bullshit, drinking whiskey, and shooting the bird.

These guys are a bad influence on Meatwad, leading to lines such as "Somebody hand me a flame, I'm having a nic fit!". If you've never heard Meatwad's voice, you're missing out on an estimated 70% of the "funny" in this statement. Later, they convince Meatwad to help them steal a bunch of consumer electronics, but he is caught and sent up to jail. As the responsible one, Frylock goes down and bails him out. During his time in the slammer, Meatwad got a tattoo of a clown on a unicycle. "It's a clown. It symbolizes street warfare."

The Mooninites have in the meantime scratched "The Moon Rules! #1" on Carl's car. He is not pleased about this. The Mooninites end up killing Carl by shooting him with a very 1980's era arcade game style weapon (basically, a big colored pixel). As it was moving at about 1 foot / second, Carl easily stepped out the way. But in true style, the bullet bounces off the wall behind him and hits him in the back, blowing him away.

The episode ends with a showdown between the Mooninites and Frylock. Frylock was pissed that they were stealing stuff, and messing with his computer. So Ignignokt and Err link up to fire a super weapon ("The bullet is enormous! There is no escape!"). As you might expect, Frylock kicks their asses, so they leave to go back to the Moon.

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