Man, everybody knows meat don't sleep.
Episode 1, Rabbot.

One of the four main characters from the hit cartoon, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Meatwad is, well, a sentient ball of ground chuck. His composition notwithstanding, it is immediately apparent that he does not fit in with the motif of the other characters Master Shake and Frylock, a milkshake and box of fries, respectively. If his name was Meatball instead, then perhaps it would fit; however, the typical fast food meal is a drink (a milkshake will fit) a box of fries and a hamburger. At the very least, he is a meat product.

Meatwad is apparently the youngest of the Aqua Teens. I mention this because he is the most intellectually childlike; his actual age may be older than any of the characters on the show. His intellectual capacity is also probably the result of the fact that he has a toy brain, which apparently squeaks when squeezed, much like a dog chew toy.

In regards to the other protagonists on the show, Meatwad usually acts as the comic foil. Being the most childlike, he can ask the questions that only a three year old would — and get away with it. It isn't so much the questions (or responses), however, that distinguish Meatwad from the other characters or lend to his comedic value. It has more to do with the voice. The voice isn't hard to understand, as Dave Willis does an excellent job of enunciating the part. It is the pitch and sound that are either off putting or, of course, entertaining. If asked to describe the voice of Meatwad, I would tell you that he sounded something like Alvin and The Chipmunks only slowed down and deeper in tone.

In the social hierarchy of the show's characters, Meatwad probably falls to the bottom. Having very little memory of any kind (a device that the writers use as they see fit), Meatwad is often taken advantage of by Master Shake. Everything from trying to trick Meatwad into eating the power cord from the television (because it is spaghetti) to just old fashion beatings, Meatwad gets it. A simple character breakdown may help to show the standings of each character:

  • Carl is a hoodlum. Instead of working hard, he hardly works; his source of income requires him to work 20 hours a week. He schemes to make money through dubious ways. He enjoys gentlemen clubs.
  • Frylock is the brains; as a consequence, he is the voice of reason. A kind and caring fellow, Frylock is the conscience of the show.
  • Master Shake is best described as aggressively stupid. He often tries to bully Frylock and Meatwad around. Also, he tries to outwit Carl; though in truth, it is really no battle of wits.

Which leaves us with Meatwad. A big heart and little brain notwithstanding, you cannot help but love him when he is dancing to the raps of MC Pee Pants or at other times of dancing or his childlike questioning. Playing with his dolls Vanessa (a green apple) and Dewey (a spent paper towl roll) or watching television, Meatwad is just happy to be around. And frankly, his fans wouldn't have it any other way.

Special Powers:

Meatwad is able to change shape from his regular meatball appearance to either that of an igloo or hot dog. In the first episode, Meatwad turns into a "meat bridge" in order to help Master Shake walk over a counter in a department store. There was also one other time when, depending on which character in the show you listen to, he morphed into a Wayne Gretzky/Samurai Lincoln. In a very recent episode, he morphs into a flower in a flower pot, named Harmony. Also, he has turned into a hammer during the episode T-Shirt of the Living Dead and has also morphed into a large rectangle in the episode Interfection. He recoils his arms when he rolls; rolling is his only means of movement. He sleeps on a grill.

Notable Events:

  • He pulls the other Aqua Teens around in a cart in the same way a mule is hitched to draw a wagon. However, this is no ordinary cart — it is clearly marked as "Danger Cart". (Though to be fair, he only really pulls Master Shake as Frylock levitates). The longest distance pulled is from New Jersey to Memphis and back again.
  • Wins two tickets to the Superbowl.
  • Befriends the Mooninites, Ignignokt and Err. They take advantage of gullible Meatwad which lands him a spot in jail. He receives a tattoo of a clown done by Err.
  • Sucked through a dimensional portal, returning many times his normal size to cannonball in Carl's pool.
  • Temporarily gains the power to levitate objects and does so with Carl's car.
  • While being sent to "computer camp" by Master Shake (which was actually joining the circus), he joins a circus and steals the show.

Notable Lines:

  • Don't that kick a little ass.
  • Uh uh. Shake says reading is the devil and TV is twice as fast.
  • They got rocket boots.
  • Now he needs candy, and when you need something it's like a responsibility.
  • I need me a weenie smoothie.
  • I'm a meat buoy.
  • You don't need a machine to make a rainbow. For rainbows are made of happy thoughts. And dreams. And chocolate unicorns.
  • Do what I say cause I said it.
  • Listen to me, Randy. It doesn't matter what you look like on the outside. Whether you're white, or black or sasquatch, even. As long as you follow your dream no matter how crazy or against the law it is. Except for sasquatch, if you're a sasquatch, the rules are different.

And everybody's favorite:

It's a clown and it symbolizes street warfare.

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