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Pack a bag — we're going to Memphis.
Frylock, Episode 3, Bus Of The Undead.

The most level headed of the cast from the hit series Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Frylock acts as the father to the rest of the Aqua Teens. He is responsible and kind hearted. Contrary to the repeated statements of Master Shake, Frylock would be the most likely candidate for leader. Intellectually, he has no equal on the show.

Frylock's appearance is that of a floating box of french fries. The fries themselves act as his arms. He has a goatee. On his back, he seems to have some sort of crystal, the purpose of which has not been explained but is most likely his power source. He has braces, which can be seen in the opening of the show and during the episode Balloonenstein. He cocks his eyebrows when he doesn't believe what someone is saying. He does this towards Master Shake quite frequently. Additionally, Frylock can shoot lightning bolts from his eyes.

In his bedroom there is a poster which reveals his anatomy. His mouth is labeled his pie hole. His lungs are apparently underneath his chin/goatee area. His "organ chamber" is underneath his nose and above his mouth. His hamstring is located around his eyes and his fries/hands are actually called "fry bones". The rest of the anatomy chart is hard to read. Suffice it to say, Frylock has a very unique anatomy.

Frylock is a nerd — this title was bestowed upon him by the Mooninites. He is quite the computer geek, having the only computer in the Aqua Teens' house. He reads email and in the episode Super Model, he instant messages a girl whom he will meet later, and to keep up with the facade he used in order to gain this date, he leaves the house dressed as a fireman.

There is a darker side to Frylock. He has orchestrated the death of MC Pee Pants and did (in a virtual reality environment he programmed) kill Carl, Meatwad and Master Shake so that he could finally live the pimp lifestyle that seems to surface from time to time. And in a recent episode, while showing some pictures to Meatwad, he stumbles across some of him in a leather mask, complete with gag ball, which is a very BDSM theme. Also, there is a picture of a much younger Dr. Weird (the character who opens the show along with his helper Steve for many seasons) and Frylock on the shelf in Frylock's bedroom, which naturally raises the question: did Dr. Weird create the Aqua Teens?

The real sleuth of the Aqua Teens, Frylock solves the mysteries. To be fair, it isn't so much that it takes a detective to solve these mysteries; rather it takes someone to be aware of the obvious. This leaves Frylock, as Master Shake bends whatever is going on into his own cross to bear. In the beginning of the series, the show was centered around solving mysteries; over time, the focus has just centered more on discovering what happens while the Aqua Teens hang out. Being the most erudite, his dialog and actions are limited to saying and doing what a normal box of fries would. He moves the story along with his dialog. In that role, Frylock is just hanging out, waiting for the next scam from Shake or Carl and taking care of Meatwad. And they need all the help they can get.

Carey Means is the voice actor for Frylock.

Special Powers:

Frylock uses his eye power to pick up and manipulate objects. He is also able to shoot lighting balls from his eyes. He has a form of radar; he uses his fry as the boom to detect direction, scent and tracing telephone calls. In order to move, Frylock levitates.

Notable Events:

  • Performs plastic surgery on Master Shake after Shake had botched his body up through extreme plastic surgery.
  • Kills Carl's azalea bushes because he had double vision as a result of the Foreigner belt and the Mooninites.
  • Creates a robot to watch over Meatwad. He later kills said robot.
  • He kills both Master Shake and Meatwad, in an attempt to rescue them from the belly of a newly acquired snake. It was during a virtual reality lesson to teach Meatwad that taking care of pets is a big responsibility.
  • Contacts the aliens Emory and Oglethorpe, just in from Pluto. They return in a later episode to steal cable television from the Aqua Teens, which Frylock thwarts.
  • Organizes the destruction of MC Pee Pants by tricking him into applying for a job at the local (defunct) pizzeria that was wired with explosives. (And again when he is reincarnated as Sir Loin and once more as Little Brittle).

Notable Lines:

  • You're really sick, Shake. (and other similar statements towards Shake.)
  • You guys couldn't take over a damn bowl of Jello.
  • Grab my potatoes, Carl!
  • You look like a tramp in that belly shirt.
  • You've tamed him with your greasy dance of joy!
  • You're liquefied, bitch!

For further reading or to check out the show, please visit: http://www.adultswim.com/shows/aquateenhungerforce/index.html

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