Ahhh, that old infamous. The Space-Bag. Merely mentioning the word around foolish kids and hard-core alcoholics can conjure up many memories. Things like:

"Hey, remember when you, me, and George had that Space-Bag and we got all messed up?"


"Remember when Jerry got arrested, man? I heard he drank 2 Space-Bags by himself under a tree in the park!"

For the uninitiated, a Space-Bag is what you get when you buy some brand of box-wine, typically Franzia wine (though there are, of course, cheaper brands out there), and take it out of the cardboard box it comes in. Usually, the box has a spigot-like thing on the front, and you press the spigot, and wine comes out into a nice glass.

But that's for normal people. For our needs, you open the box, and what you get left with is a shiny, aluminum-like substance, with the spigot-like thing on it. The aluminum-like substance is where the Space-Bag gets it name. Back when Outer Space was trendy, there were things called "space food", which is, apparently, what the astronauts would eat in space. They came in bright, shiny baggies.

Drinking a Space-Bag is not something you should do alone. The ideal environment for consuming a Space-Bag would be outside, in an open-air place, like a Skate Park, preferably during Spring or Summer, preferably in an area with a lot of trees to lean against. When you drink a Space-Bag, gravity is not your friend. At least 2 other people would be needed, as part of the fun of drinking a Space-Bag is tossing it to your buddies, thus reminiscing about that scene in Fight Club.

So, what does a space bag feel like? Well, remember that scene in Fight Club, when that crazy guy is at the liposuction place, and he throws those big bags of fat over the fence? The space-bag feels exactly like that; a big ol' bag of fat that you toss to others after getting your fill.

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