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A very crudely drawn little missive straight from the hand of Jack T. Chick. It opens as a guest rides up to the castle Winthorp. The owner's grandfather was given a "Carpet of Snow" from an insultingly drawn anonymous Maharajah, which Winthrop prizes above almost anything else. Unfortunately, due to the bumbling of a low-caste servant boy (who is drawn as an old man with flies buzzing around him, strangely enough), the carpet is ruined by some ink...or wine...or something black coming out of a bottle. As it becomes apparent that the carpet will never be cleaned, Lord Winthorp angrily declares that he "will NOT allow ANYTHING with a stain in his castle" (bolded italic caps are Chick's).

As the carpet burns to an audience of maids, butlers, and what appears to be some sort of striped tiger thing, Dr. Carlton attends to the distraught Winthorp. "Winthorp...", he says, "in one respect, you are like God in Heaven." In the next frame, Dr. Carlton continues: "Because no soul will be allowed into heaven with a stain on it." At this point, the Chick trademark of 'former sinner instantly becomes converted' happens.

Amusing images from this saving montage include one which accompanies the text "Then...God sent His Son to earth to shed His precious blood....", which shows Jesus flying through space on his way down to earth; as if to illustrate the movement, a giant arrow strikes diagonally through the picture from a cloud located somewhere around Mars' orbit, through Jesus, towards earth.

All in all, a pretty mundane chick tract, but worth a look for the Space Jesus image.

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