Within a few hours of the attacks on the United States, chess genius/psychopath Bobby Fischer called frequent contact Pablo Mercado on Filipino radio to express his thoughts on the tragedy. In case you haven't been following Fischer since he flamed out in the mid 70's, he now is thought to live his miserable life in Japan, where he spends much of his time fighting the CIA, the Jews, and the other voices in his head.

I've transcribed this myself, so corrections are openly solicited. I've cleaned up a little stuttering and bad grammar. You can listen to the interview at http://home.att.ne.jp/moon/fischer/F_19_1.MP3

Mercado: We have on the line one of our friends we used to interview every now and then for the past several years, uh, I think for the past two years already. We have a chess grandmaster, the World Chess Champion Bobby Fischer. He's on the line right now and would like to give some thoughts of his own opinion, his global commentary on what happened at the World Trade Center just about a few hours ago, including attack of the White House and I think the Pentagon too, right? In fact, right now, Bobby, good day. It's evening right here.

Fischer: Yeah, how are you doing, Pablo? Yes, well, this is all wonderful news. It's time for the fucking US to get their heads kicked in. It's time to finish off the US once and for all.

Mercado: Of course, everybody knows how you... uh... how you...

Fischer: You know, I heard on the BBC a few months ago a very profound, but simple, statement. It really stunned me, I couldn't believe that guy was saying, you know, talking about some of the crimes of the US. You know, of the horrible behavior that the US is committing all over the world, and there the BBC guy just said it! I couldn't believe my ears! This just shows you that what goes around comes around, even for the United States. That is what has happened tonight. What goes around comes around, even for the United States.

Mercado: Mmm, you are saying you are... you are happy at what happened?

Fischer: Yes, I applaud the act. Look. Nobody gets... the US and Israel have been slaughtering the Palestinians, just slaughtering them, for years. Robbing them and slaughtering them. Nobody gave a shit. Now it's coming back to the US. Fuck the US. I wanna see the US wiped out.

Mercado: Heh heh. All right. The US is a superpower, how could...

Fischer: Well, apparently it's not as powerful as everybody thought. They hijacked all these planes, and they had no intelligence on this. This is a major operation, Pablo. Probably hundreds of people were involved in this. How is it possible "the great US" didn't know about it?

Mercado: Yeah, that's what people were asking here in the Philippines. Considering the technology that they have right now, wouldn't they be able to, you know, notice these things...

Fischer: What I am really hoping for now, Pablo... did you ever see that movie Seven Days in May?

Mercado: Yes, yes.

Fischer: That's a movie about a general who tries to take over the US. Do you remember that? I think it was dark Burt Lancaster; it was based on a book. I saw that years ago. I was rooting for the generals, you know, but in the end the president of the so-called democracy won. But I'm hoping for some kind of a Seven Days in May scenario where the country will be taken over by the military, they'll close down all the synagogues, arrest all the Jews, execute hundreds of thousands of Jewish ringleaders, and you know, apologize to the Arabs, kill off all the Jews over there in the bandit state, you know, of Israel. I'm hoping for a totally new world.

Mercado: Really?

Fischer: Yeah. Nobody gave a shit about the Japanese. How many millions, how many hundreds of thousands people did the United States kill with atom bombs? Justifying it with the most ridiculous excuse that it saved a million American soldiers. When Japan was gonna surrender within a few weeks or a month or so anyway. Right?

Mercado: Yeah. Oh yeah. Ha.

Fischer: The United States is based on lies. It's based on theft. Look at all I've done for the US. Nobody has single-handedly done more for the US than me. I really believe this. You know, when I won the World Championship in 1972, the United States had an image of, you know, a football country, a baseball country, but nobody thought of it as an intellectual country. I turned all that around single-handedly, right?

Mercado: Yes.

Fischer: But I was useful then, because there was the Cold War, right?

Mercado: Yes.

Fischer: But now I'm not useful anymore, you see? The Cold War is over and now they want to wipe me out, right? Steal everything I have, put me in prison, and so on, right?

Mercado: Mmm-hmm.

Fischer: The United States doesn't... it just doesn't... You have to go back... everything goes back to the roots, to the history. Look at the history of the country.

Mercado: What's wrong with...

Fischer: The history of the country is basically what? Get something for nothing, right? Take. Kill. They invaded the country; they robbed the land of the American Indians. They killed almost all of them off. Brought over the slaves to work the fields, to build up the country from Africa. Am I right?

Mercado: Mmm-hmm.

Fischer: Now why didn't the white man come to America like in a civilized manner and say we're being persecuted in Europe, we don't have freedom of religion. We'd like to come here. We'd like to assimilate. We'd like to marry your women, and so on, right? But no. They said we're comin' in here to take your land and kill you off, right?

Mercado: No.

Fischer: That's the history of the United States, a despicable country. Even as a boy, you know, I never had the slightest interest in American history. Never! I knew something was rotten in Denmark, you know?

Mercado: [Laughing] Well, what do you think is going to happen in the next 24 hours, then?

Fischer: Well, you know, Bush is bellowing. He's told what to say, of course, by Cheney and his father and the Jews, you know. But, well, the US will get back of course, but you know it's gonna get worse and worse in the US. The US just will not do what they have to do. The US has to say we're sorry, our whole foreign policy has been wrong for the last several hundred years, we are going to pull back all of our troops from all over the world, we are going to stop supporting Israel, and so on. You see? And they're not going to admit that. No. They're going to say these terrorists, these criminals, this cowardly act will be punished. You know, and I expect soon that there's going to be a new president after the White House is blown up. It'll be in the Colorado mountains still, hundreds of feet underneath the Rocky Mountains there saying, "This dastardly act of blowing up the White House will be punished!" It'll just constantly talk about punishing these cowardly people until the United States is destroyed.

The United States is not going to be reasonable. It's not going to admit that it's the bad guy, and it's always been the bad guy. It was the bad guy in World War II, it was the bad guy in World War I, it was the bad guy when it robbed... when it invaded the Philippines... took them from Spain, it was the bad guy when the white man came and killed the American Indians, when it brought the black people, the first slaves, from Africa. It's always been the bad guy. Democracy is just a load of bullshit. It's just a cover for the criminal nature of the Jew-nited States of America.

Mercado: There are fears, Bobby, that this might spark something worse, like a third World War. Do you think that's possible?

Fischer: I think that's possible. Unfortunately, that's the big danger. That the Jews, this lunatic people, are going to take us all with them, you know what I mean?

Mercado: Mmm-hmm.

Fischer: But I'm hoping, as I say, for a Seven Days in May scenario, where sane people will take over the US now, you know what I mean?

Mercado: Sane people?

Fischer: Sane people, military people. Yes. They will imprison the Jews, they will execute several hundred thousand of them at least. And they will bring home all the troops from the US. I mean from around the world to the US. And ultimately, the white man should leave the United States, and the black people should go back to Africa. The white people should go back to Europe, and the country should be returned to the American Indians who lived there for who knows how many ten of thousands of years. They kept the land pristine clean. It was a beautiful country when the white man came. This is the future I would like to see for the so-called United States.

Mercado: Well, people say that with this thing that happened in the United States, it might have an effect on the world economy.

Fischer: Well, of course. This is just the beginning, Pablo. The Arabs have had enough shit. Everybody's had enough shit from the US.

Mercado: You think they're planning something else?

Fischer: Yeah, well, sure, sure. Of course. And what about Pakistan? What if they decide to throw in their lot with the Palestinian people, right? What about China? It's time for the US to eat the shit, to humble themselves to withdraw their troops from all over the world. To admit that they've been wrong. That's the only solution. Otherwise the US has to be destroyed.

Mercado: Mmm-hmm.

Fischer: I mean, look what the US did in Yugoslavia recently, since 1999. Bombed the Kosovo and other parts of Yugoslavia with depleted uranium. Now to me, that is worse than an atom bomb. You know why?

Mercado: Why?

Fischer: When you drop an atom bomb, you kill them, you're dead, you're suffering's over, right? With this depleted uranium, you have a lingering death for the next ten, twenty, thirty, forty years. Or maybe just two or three years depending on how much of it you get. But you are never going to be the same, you see? You just have like a low-level sickness and your life is a misery, you understand?

Mercado: Yes, I do.

Fischer: To me that's worse. What the US did in Yugoslavia is worse than dropping an atom bomb. Really.

Mercado: Uh huh. Uh huh.

Fischer: Cause it creates so much suffering.

Mercado: Okay. It's time to stop. Bobby, now there's a state of emergency there. Of course they will stop plenty people against them, and you could probably be one of them!

Fischer: Maybe! [Laughing] Maybe! Fuck the United States! I'm not afraid of the US. They already put me in Japan, in prison before on trumped-up charges of using drugs. Me, the most clean person when it comes to drugs in the world! They put me in prison for 18 days on trumped-up drug charges. I already was tortured in America for two days. So, I'm used to this kinda stuff, you know?

Mercado: Do they have any reason to arrest you?

Fischer: Let 'em. They're trying. I say death to President Bush! I say death to the United States! Fuck the United States! Fuck the Jews! The Jews are a criminal people. They mutilate their children. They're murderous, criminal, thieving, lying bastards. They made up the Holocaust. There's not a word of truth to it. They are the worst liars and bastards. Now what goes around comes around. They're getting it back, finally. Praise God and, you know, hallelujah. This is a wonderful day. Fuck the United States. Cry, you crybabies! Whine, you bastards! Now your time is coming.

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