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A great ska/punk band that plays all over the northeast, but most often Boston. They play harder than most main-stream ska bands like Mighty Mighty Bosstones, but not to the point where they are a "rock" band. Could be described as skacore.
Off Fork in Hand Records, this group is renowned for always creating an energy that makes the kids dance, no matter the crowd size. A favorite of almost everyone on the scene.
The band features Gary Lee Hedrick, Jr. on lead vocals and trombone (known as simply Gary to one and all), "Mattius Guitarus Sanockius" on guitar, Ryan Dowd on Bass, Anthony Mario Modano on the drums, and Rositano on the trombone. Works include World Domination, a split off All in the Family with The Goonies, and a track off Slapshot, Boston Drops the Gloves - A Tribute to Slapshot.

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