Late '80's British hip hop group. Hijack were briefly signed to Ice T's label Rhyme Syndicate, but there best track was on the Music of Life label. The Doomsday of Rap/Hold No Hostage 12 inch sounds like very angry men shouting over chainsaws. Also featured incredibly fast scratching by DJ's Supreme and Undercover.

1. To hold up and take any truck and its contents. 2. To steal from other thieves or rackateers illegal or stolen goods.

- american underworld dictionary - 1950
Back in the wild and wooly days of Prohibition, the story goes, crooks who robbed smuggling trucks of their loads of illegal whisky would order the drivers to "Stick 'em up high, Jack!" (or sometimes just "Up high, Jack!")

Because of this habit, they were called highjackers, then hijackers, and presto, another word entered the English language.

Another rumor has it that they pretended to be friends of the drivers, calling out "Hi, Jack!" in order to get them to stop, but I don't believe it for a minuite.

On a snowy day, when people are sledding down a nearby hill, you may witness someone gliding slowly down the hill, when out of nowhere a hijacker jumps on top of the sled, stealing a free ride down the slope at the expense of the sled owner. This 'hijacking' is almost always followed by an immediate whitewash.

So why does the hijack take place? One could call it laziness, but it's not like the hijacker doesn't have to walk up the hill again. And the hijacker almost always has a sled of his own, so it's not a crime of necessity. No, a hijack is simply a bonding ritual between sledders, unless they're strangers. Only mean people hijack strange sleds.

The hacks which make the linux kernel on the empeg car mp3 player way more than a basic music box. Mark Lord has added speaker time delay, real-time volume normalization, bugfixes, games, status checks, an http server and an ftp server and many more features. Although the empeg or rio-car has been discontinued since late 2001, development by third parties has given functionality beyond that initially expected.

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