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I am running through the city with my friends. We are on the rooftops. We see a giant propeller plane, five times as large as a skyscraper, flying backwards, towards the city. Immediately I realize that something is wrong and the only reason that it would be flying backward like that is that it has been hijacked. I direct my friend's attention to the plane and tell them to run for cover. As we look for an entrance in to the building that we're on top of I see the plane zigzag around the city and crash somewhere out of sight behind a building. I see a huge cloud of smoke and debris coming towards us. I quickly find an entrance to the building and we crawl in. The hallway is really narrow and I grab hand-over-hand to descend only to find myself at a dead end.

We get out and I find myself on a boat where the armed forces are preparing to do battle. There is a storm raging, brought on by the aircraft that just crashed. I try to get below deck but I can't find the way down. There are some soldiers in wet suits diving in to an opening in the center of the boat. I know I can't dive in there because the water is too cold and stormy. But I see an officer and ask him how I can get below deck. He tells me I have to go through an Anthrax decontamination area, where one is decontaminated using Anthrax. I run towards the entrance that the officer pointed out to me. There is a soldier on a jet-ski riding next to me through the rain. The jet-ski slips out of control and somersaults in to the sky while the passenger falls off. I dive for cover and glance the jet-ski off me as it falls to the ground. I find the entrance and go down the stairs. A woman saw what happened with the jet-ski and thinks I'm hurt and dabs the top of my head where there's a small bump but I tell her I'm really not very hurt at all. I proceed to jump in to the Anthrax decontaminant solution which looks like a yellow pasty liquid mush, not unlike chewed-up corn. I have to swim through it to get in to the boat.

NOTE: Please follow the hardlinks for possible symbol interpretations.

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