1. too good to be true
  2. in violation of the three laws of thermodynamics
  3. in violation of good midwestern values
  4. free inside!
  5. already paid for: the happy result of putting a ton of work into something else
What is it about the human condition that longs for this? The Lottery, gambling of any kind, rampant theft and deceit, all of these things are hard for me to relate to, and my friends and family, not coincendentaly, don't ascribe to this school of thought.

We want cheap things, but we want them to be "worth a lot", we don't want to haggle over cars, houses or other large ticket items, but do not seem interested in fixed prices because we fear we will be ripped off. (?)

Why do so many people want their school courses to be easy and simple to get through. Don't most of us complain that colleges are already too full of underachieving slackers who don't study but expect A grades???

Things that are hard to obtain are meaningful exactly because they are hard to get:

completing a mile swim
a college degree
a long lasting relationship
decent physical health
some perspective, without ranting ( I don't have this one)

If some elusive thing is difficult, and others have a hard time getting it, well you feel you have something with substance. That is, in my little world, as it should be.

Thank you.

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