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Track Listing

1. La Femme D'Argent
2. Sexy Boy
3. All I Need
4. Kelly, Watch The Stars
5. Talisman
6. Remember
7. You Make It Easy
8. Ce Matin La
9. New Star In The Sky (chanson pour Solal)
10. Le Voyage De Penelope

The first full length album released by Air. Guest vocals on "All I Need" and "You Make It Easy" by Beth Hirsch.

"Sexy Boy" was the first single, and is still considered Air's greatest hit. On the single disc was included remixes by Beck Hansen, Cassius, and Etienne de Crecy & The Flower Pistols.
The second single was "Kelly Watch the Stars," whose disc included not only two versions of "Kelly Watch the Stars" but both the radio edit and Beck Hansen remix of "Sexy Boy," attesting to wild popularity of "Sexy Boy."

Air, 1998

This album deserves so much more than a track listing.

It is mindblowingly good. These brilliant French boys masterfully weave funky, mellow bass lines into a dreamy electronic groove, producing music so psychedelic and sensual I can barely believe it was composed on this planet.

This album belongs in dark velevty lounges, on the sunset beaches of exotic coasts, in the electric prelude to a first kiss.

This album is sex.

It is an ocean of synth, waves upon waves of sonic lusciousness, a peaceful dreamy boat sail through the Mississippi Delta on a hot July aftenoon, water and sun soaking at your soul.

This album is mod. It is retro outer space, soaring like one might in dreams amongst giant plastic planets and pulsing neon stars.

This album is the slow-time curl of a wisp of smoke in dark candle-lit breath. This album says what fiery eye-contact might.

This album is cruising down an open road under a pinpoint brilliant sky, volume up and windows down. It is first freedoms and last chances.

This album is silk on steel, sweat on skin.

It is a long cool limousine ride with people you have never met and will never meet again, dressed in mystery.

This album is dreaming to fly, and waking with the power to.

It is pink cheeks smiling and ice cream parlors in soft bright colors.

It is standling on the edge of a wind-swept cliff and not jumping. It is smiling at the possibilty you could.

It is more organic than I ever imagined possible from a machine.

But I digress... here is your track listing:

La Femme D'Argent
Sexy Boy
All I Need
Kelly Watch The Stars
You Make It Easy
Ce Matin-La
New Star In The Sky (Chanson pour Solal)
Voyage de Penelope

Primary credits to this album extend to Jean-Benoît Dunckel and Nicolas Godin as Air, with Beth Hirsh vocalizing on All I Need and You Make it Easy. A host of others guested for various instruments and hand-clapping.

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