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Established in 2001, the Scene Creamers are the latest band organized by Washington, D.C. post-punk stalwart Ian Svenonius, aka “The Spiv,” aka “The Sassyiest Boy in America.” He is joined by long time collaborator Michelle Mae on bass and guitar, guitarist Alex Minoff of indie mainstay Golden, and drummer Blake Brunner.

As with past projects Nation of Ulysses, Weird War and most notably, the Make*Up, Scene Creamers features Ian’s distinctive “gospel” vocals, and tongue-in-cheek lyrics with a radical socialist slant. Musically, Scene Creamers owe more to Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention and the Rolling Stones than they do to Minor Threat -- the psychedelic sounds of the sixties are definitely the name of the game here.

Their live show takes a more traditional approach than past Svenonius bands -- although they are animated and interesting to watch, they lack the theatrical posturing of the Make*up. “Gospel yeh yeh” this isn’t. They are, however, an exhilarating band -- fun, exciting and maybe a little scary.


I Suck On That Emotion LP, Drag City Records

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