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From: The Thorough Good Cook

Entrees: 23. Scollops of Sweetbreads with Green Peas

Take four sweetbreads, let them disgorge, and blanch them thoroughly. Next cut them into scollops, as large as possible. Cover them in a frying-pan with clarified butter and a little salt. A quarter of an hour before you send up, "toss" them over a stove with a clear fire, turn them round, and when done, drain the butter, and put a little glaze into the sauté-pan. Keep stirring the sweetbreads in the glaze; dish them in a circle, and send up the peas in the middle.

When you have some remains of sweetbreads, cut them into scollops, make them hot in a little light glaze, and after having dished them in circular form cover them with the. peas. Scollops of sweetbreads are easier to dress when you put between them a slice of fried bread, cut round, and the green peas in the middle ; without the fried bread they will not keep the shape in which you have dished them.

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