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Clydebank-based media conglomerate, who started off as Radio Clyde, one of the UK's first commercial radio stations (ie non-BBC) in late 1974. They've undergone quite a bit of expansion since, starting stations in other major markets in Scotland, and buying up other media interests - not just in Scotland, and not just in radio.

In general, for their Scottish radio stations, the "one" or FM station plays current chart music (dance, pop, rock, alt, indie), whereas the "two" or AM station is cheesy listening and oldies.

Unlike some other radio groups (specifically GWR), SRH produces a large amount of local content. For their Scottish stations, there is local output daily between 6am and 1am, with the ovenight shows filled by Scottish Night Network and Through the Night, produced by Clyde 1 and Forth 2 respectively. As the weekend, their FM stations carry a networked dance music show, The Smirnoff Experience, and Radio Clyde and West Sound share Super Scoreboard, the football show.

Current group interests include:

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