A scrambled egg quesadilla is a quesadilla wrapped up and filled with scrambled eggs. There are many variations and expansions on the theme, but most of them are easy to do. This is one of my favorite food items because it is both a easy to make comfort food and an actual filling, nutritious meal.

The full procedure is to melt some butter in a pan, and to add mushrooms, olives, green onions and any spices and flavorings. While this is simmering and infusing, I cut up an avocado and mix it in with some sour cream. I also take some tortillas and add cheese to them (colby jack is my favorite), and put them in an oven at a relatively low temperature, usually around 225 F. While they are baking, I crack some eggs into my mushroomy butter, and quickly scramble them. I then take the tortillas out, add the scrambled eggs, put on a dollop of the guacamole I made, and it is ready to serve.

The whole process takes only around 10 to 15 minutes to prepare. I don't usually use the full process, for one thing I don't usually have avocados. But even the abbreviated mixture of just seasoned scrambled eggs inside a cheesy tortilla is an easy way to make a filling meal that feels like real food but is very easy to prepare.

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