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A NetHack scroll which is almost entirely, but not quite, unlike a useful scroll. For the most part, it does what you think it does. If the scroll is blessed or uncursed, reading it causes one randomly-chosen piece of armor you are wearing to be destroyed, with no possibility of salvation. If you're not wearing any armor, your bones will itch (fortunately, the DevTeam wasn't so sadistic as to make your skin fall off instead).

The cursed scroll destroys one random piece of worn armor as above, unless that piece of armor is itself cursed. In that case, you will be stunned for 10 to 19 turns and the cursed armor will become even more cursed (one penalty is added).

The only known use for this scroll is in getting rid of cursed armor that is causing you problems, such as cursed boots of levitation, fumble boots, or the occasional cursed plate mail -5.

If you read this scroll while confused, one of two things will happen. If the scroll is blessed or uncursed, it will remove any rustproofing or fireproofing from a randomly-chosen piece of armor you are wearing. If the scroll is cursed, the armor will receive rustproofing or fireproofing instead. The easiest way to rustproof your armor, therefore, is to curse your scroll of destroy armor, knock back a potion of booze, and quickly read the scroll before you lose consciousness.

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