An imaginary object that I would often refer to be used on men who are pussy-whipped by their girlfriends. Such as my roommate. See also whipped like a miserable horse.

The leash in reference, I imagine, would be strapped at the top of the scrotal sac, with the testicles hanging below. When tigthened, the vas deferens would be constricted, causing extreme pain. The tearing pressure on the sensitive scrotal skin would also cause intense pain. The leash also serves to pull the sucker along, like a dog, on command.

When the poor sod is disobedient, all the woman has to do is give it a good yank, and he would be get back in line again.

Sigh. My roommate is really damn annoying! Only two more weeks to summer then I never have to see him again.

The only wrong thing about your writeup is the word "imaginary".
The scrotal leashes are out there: any well equipped Dom or Domme will demonstrate one for the curious nut-owner.

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