From the Connector Conspiracy files. When They say no user serviceable parts inside, They mean it!

Special screws that are designed to be tamper-proof, used to prevent dismantling things in unguarded public places or protect tinkerers from themselves. The bane of hackers everywhere.

Types of screws

Used to be a tamperproof screw due to the rarity and price of T-nn driver bits, now as common as Robertsons

Torx pinhead
AKA Resistorx. Like a regular Torx but with a pin on the center that prevents a regular bit from entering. A drill table and 3/32" metal drill bit could be used to machine a regular Torx to defeat it. I've been able to remove them with a small slotted screwdriver wedged between the center pin and in two of the torx grooves.

A five-lobed TORX-like pattern with a pin on the center. Evil*.

Phillips Pinhead
Like Torx pinhead, machining a regular Philips bit.

Hex Pinhead
See Torx pinhead machining.

Twin holes on a flat screw head. Defeat with two nails held in vise grip pliers.

One-way slotted
Two half-moons shapes on top of each other, a regular slotted screwdriver grabs on the straight edges to fasten but slips on the sloped side. One-way slotted are used in LOTS of public restrooms --czeano. Evil*.

Oval shaped machine screws
If not recessed, a good pair of pliers can bite on the screw head and remove it.

Like a 3-sided Philips head. Evil*.

Simply a triangular shape. A hex wrench should be able to grab on to 3 of the 6 sides. Seen on McDonald's happy meal toys.

A regular hex nut that breaks off a flat circular head. EEEEEeevil*!

A square shape. Evil Canadian Conspiracy: screwdrivers are extremely rare and can only be bought at the Canadian Tire in Yellowknife, Yukon.

* Those evil undefeatable screws have to be destroyed with a metal drill bit. m4k1t4 r001z!

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