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Marvelous chocolate shop based in Los Angeles, California. Exceptionally good, handmade yumminess. They have stores throughout California, and I'm not sure where else. You get a free piece when you come in. They have a great catalog and a website, so you can order from far away. Go, indulge. However, it's much tastier in the shop where it's fresh! They constantly invent new combinations and interesting candies such as the Key Lime Truffle, the Scotchmallow, and so on. Barring high-end designer chocolate such as Joseph Schmidt, See's is possibly the best American chocolate brand. Easily found by their trademark (literally) white storefronts with the big black letters. www.sees.com

See's Candies started in Los Angeles (Now headquartered in San Francisco.) when Charles See arrived from Canada in 1921. The company was started off using some of his mother, May See, (Found on every box of See's Candies.), recipes. In November of that year, the first store was opened on Western Ave. In 1976, the company was sold off by the family to Berkshire Hathaway Inc. which still owns and retains it as a California only company.

Today, See's Candies sells a wide variety of chocolates, cream filled, lollpops, etc., as well as some novelty such as mailboxes, toy cars, Barbies dressed in the traditional See's employee uniform (A white and black uniform that looks very stereotypical of the 1950s.). See's is frequently used in the state as a Christmas present, and are omnipresent during the school year because of fundraising.

Ouroboros says that "it's really the fresh marshmallow and caramels that they are noted for."

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