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According to the Valence Shell Electron Pair Repulsion Theory (VSEPR), the molecular geometry of an atom that has four bonds and one lone pair in the valence shell. More technically, this is known as an unsymmetrical tetrahedron.

I am shocked and appalled that no one has yet created a node about the Jpop group See-Saw. See-Saw is a Jpop group, which, as I understand it, that now consists of two women, but used to consist of six. Currently, Chiaki Ishikawa does vocals and Yuki Kajiura plays keyboard.

See-Saw's music, of course, varies (What good is music that doesn't? However, there are three main types of songs of theirs. There are the more "regular," typical pop-style songs (e.g. "Timecard Love," "Suhada"), ones that sound like a fusion of modern music and traditional (e.g. "Sen Ya Ichi Ya," "La La Africa"), and the seemingly ethereal (e.g. "Obsession," "Memory"). I realize that these descriptions are terribly vague, but music is hard to describe with words.

I'll leave, as always, with a discography, going from least to most recent. As far as I know, it is complete as I write it. I've applied emphasis using the <strong> tag to favorites, though it's all good.


  1. Slender Chameleon
  2. Suhada (No Make Rooms Version)
  3. Usubeni (Marmalade Lip Mix)
  4. Chao Tokyo (Dark Purple Train Mix)
  5. Dakishimete Iru
  6. Dare Ka Watashi To...
  7. NERVE

I Have a Dream

  1. Swimmer
  2. La La Africa
  3. Kakurenbo
  4. Timecard Love
  5. Heaven
  6. Kirai ni Naritai (Snow Drop Version)
  7. Uta
  8. Eien
  9. Futoumei Suisai Enogu
  10. Tooi Timpani
  11. Kokoro no Ehon

Dream Field

  1. Kimi ga Iti Monogatari
  2. Tasogare no Umi
  3. Love
  4. Emerald Green
  5. Annani Issho Datta no Ni
  6. Sen Ya Ichi Ya
  7. Tsuki Hitotsu
  8. Natsu no Tegami
  9. Obsession
  10. Jumping Fish
  11. Yasashii Yoake
  12. Indio

Early Best

  1. Suhada -- No Make
  2. Futoumei Suisai Enogu
  3. Usubeni
  4. Slender Chameleon
  5. Chao Tokyo
  6. Uta
  7. Kokoro no Ehon
  8. Tooi Timpani
  9. Swimmer
  10. Tatta Hitori no Anata he
  11. Kirai ni Naritai
  12. Dakishimete Iru
  13. Mata Aeru Kara

Further reading: ".hack//sign," "Gundam SEED."

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