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Seega is an ancient 2 player board game from somewhere around the world(I am not sure where).

The rules are simple. The game is played on a board of (2n+1)*(2n+1) squares with n=>2. The objective is to remove all enemy pieces from the board. The game is played in 2 phases, the placement phase, and the main phase.

In the placement phase, the players take turns placing game pieces. During each turn a player can place two pieces of his/her color. No pieces can be placed at the center square of the board during this phase. The player who places the first 2 pieces will go second during the main phase.

During the main phase the two players take turns moving their pieces in attempts to remove all of the opponent’s pieces from the board.

  • A player can move one of his pieces one square up/down/left/right, but not diagonally, during a turn
  • You remove enemy pieces from the board by placing a piece on both sides of enemy pieces
  • Placing your piece between two enemy pieces does not remove your piece from the board
  • You can surround and remove more then 1 piece per turn
  • You go again after removing enemy pieces
  • You can not take the any pieces that is located in the middle
  • A person must move every turn, if he/she can
  • If a person is unable to move for three turns, the player with the most pieces left on the board wins
  • A person wins if he/she removes all of the enemy’s pieces from the board

I think those are all the rules. I will add more or elaborate on some if somebody messages me about ambiguous situations. Remember to have fun playing.

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