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Debut, and to my knowledge, only album by Brit band S*M*A*S*H. Released September 1994 (Flat CD 6, 0170 4 65033 2 7) after the release of a couple of limited singles and the Real Surreal EP. Dirty, Grindy Punk interspersed with flowing ballads and depressive introversion, if you can imagine that. Like many indie bands of the era, then. Best described as a grower album, in that the initial distaste gives way to fondness and (seven years down the line) a nostalgia of carefree teenage 'angst' !
Running Order :

  • Revisited No. 5, essentially a re-done version of Revisited No. 3
  • Barabas
  • Oh ! Ovary
  • Altruism
  • Reflections Of You
  • Self Abused
  • 'Musical Intermission' - not listed on the CD case, basically an organised 'jam'.
  • Another Love
  • Another Shark In The Deep End Of My Swimming Pool
  • Real Surreal
  • Dear Lou
  • Bang Bang Bang
  • Time
  • Lady Love Your C*nt (Acoustic Version, Unlisted on the CD case.

Try to get hold of this album - to me personally, it reminds me of being a drunk teenager (a time which I miss, wholeheartedly !). Oh, the joy of being angry about something but not knowing what it is.

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