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In the Dragonball universe, created by Akira Toriyama, Sensu Beans are small green legumes that resemble uncooked lima beans. However, unlike the steaming stenchy heaps your mother told you to eat, these beans actually do make one grow extremely strong, healing your wounds and restoring your energy. In the case of the Saiyans, a Sensu Bean can increase one's maximum power level immensely, depending on how wounded the warrior was at the time of eating the bean.

Sensu Beans are grown by Korin at his home, Korin's Tower, which is near Kami's Lookout. They're difficult to cultivate, and so there are never more than a few available to the Z Fighters at any one time. One of the most famous moments involving a Sensu Bean was during the Cell Games, when, after Goku decides that he can't beat Cell and so relinquishes the task of saving the world to his son, Gohan, he decides, to the horror and dismay of the other Z Fighters, to give Cell a Sensu Bean, just to make the fight fair. Good old naive and innocent Goku!

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