Translated into other languages, and then back to english by the babelfish:

Man, I gotta get some soy! Soya returns to you extremely, and soy bean oil forms you strongly! Then I will have the force to jam my enemies! LOOK OUT, WORLD!

To provide the Asian flavor which is appropriate when speaking of soy, which I think gives this write-up credibility, here is the infamous phrase translated and re-translated through the three Asian languages on Babelfish. I hope everyone out there has the necessary language support packages installed in their browsers...

  • Chinese: Soybean! Soybean! Soybean! The soybean causes you to be strong! The strength crushes the enemy! Soybean!
    大豆! 大豆! 大豆! 大豆使你坚强! 力量击碎敌人! 大豆!
  • Korean: Soy sauce! Soy sauce! Soy sauce! The soy sauce will be extensive, it is strong, it manufactures! The strength pulverizes the enemy! Soy sauce!
    간장 ! 간장 ! 간장 ! 간장은 너를 강한 제조한다 ! 병력은 적을 분쇄한다 ! 간장!
  • Japanese: Soybean! Soybean! Soybean! The soybean can point to you strongly! Strength you push the enemy and the ぶ do! Soybean!
    大豆! 大豆! 大豆! 大豆はあなたを強くさせる!強さは敵を押しつ ぶす! 大豆!

I think the Korean one comes out especially funny...but here's the kicker - re-translated (with a couple of tweaks by myself when certain words would not translate back, like the Italian "fagiola") through all eight languages supplied by Babelfish, for a total of sixteen translations, resulting in this insane manifestation of Babel Fish Engrish:

Oil of beans of beans! Oil of beans of beans! Oil of beans of beans! Beans totally diminishes the return in the oil of beans of his! The resistance pulverized all the enemy! Oil of beans of beans!

And then, for good measure...that translated into Chinese, then from Japanese to English, then into Japanese, then from Chinese to English, with untranslated Japanese kana transliterated in bold:

Bean no bean oiru (oil)! Bean no bean oiru! Bean no bean oiru! Bean no completely saka. Few shi? Kano bean oiru no occupant! Resistance ka. Powder no Ryo no 所有物 no forms Ka. Ka. Ka. Person! Bean no bean oiru!

The funniest part of all of this - part of the translation after it came back from Korean: It diminishes returning quite in the oil of the bean of your bean!

This should basically complete this node...

Note: I just read the Babel Fish Engrish node and noticed that no more write-ups were being accepted - so I may be tempting Klaproth's wrath by posting this similar item...but it's worth the try. Who needs XP!!!

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