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I've been planning out my writing schedule and deciding what I want to do during NaNoWriMo. Normally I crank out around 200,000 words, but this time I think I want to do something particularly stupid. Here's what I am planning for November 2017:

NaNoWriMo 2017

Yes, I want to keep my winning streak going for NaNo. That means I have to write at least 50K. I've done this in the past in three straight days of writing. Note I didn't say good writing. I think I'll just get to around 50K and stop for a bit. If I have time to add more at the end of the month I will.

MFA Classes

I'm in an MFA program, so I will have to do a lot of writing for my three graduate classes. All three should be essay intensive, and I will probably add some of them to Everything2. I will have to add them in December or later, because...

Iron Noder Challenge

I decided I will try to be the first to hit Adamantium Level during the challenge. That means I have to write 500 nodes during November on top of the above writing requirements. According to the rules, I could start writing nodes now and adding them during November, but to make things more interesting for me, I will be writing them from scratch during November. I will make a collection of nodes and nodeshells I want to add something to, so if there's something you would like to suggest, make a draft listing (with hardlinks) and send me a /msg. 

Going for the top tier means I have to sumbit around 17 nodes daily. In order to not take up the New Writeups nodelet, most will be hidden so other writers can get their time in the sunshine. You can always view writeups by type to see all of the nodes, including the hidden ones. 

Hopefully you can also go for an advanced level during the challenge. There are a lot of empty levels in THE HALL OF THE IRON that await your user name.

Am I nuts?

Probably. Well, yeah, most likely. I enjoy challenges, plus I want to write NaNoWriMo stuff using Dragon Dictate and use a keyboard for the Iron Noder challenge. Hopefully there will be one this year. If you spot any errors in my writeups, please /msg me so I can correct them. I expect my hands will be shaky with all of the caffeine by the time I'm done.

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