MFA also stands for Master of Fine Arts. With a few exceptions, such as the Doctor of Music degree, the MFA is the highest available degree in the field of fine arts (which include music, dance, drama, creative writing, art, and the like). MFA programs focus on the creation of art rather than on its analysis, so they often require the completion of a portfolio, performance, or composition in lieu of a thesis. Some programs even involve apprenticeship to a skilled artisan; for example, creative-writing programs might hire well-established writers (such as Orson Scott Card and Kurt Vonnegut) to teach some of their classes.

Job prospects for MFAs vary tremendously and largely depend on the skill of the student rather than the quality of the program. This fact leads some students to wonder why they should bother with the degree at all. In reality, though, MFA programs aren't intended to teach neophytes how to write or act or dance or paint; rather, they provide a forum in which good students can devote time to their craft and receive feedback from other experienced artists.

Also Malta Football Association.

One of the oldest national football associations in Europe, founded in 1900.

Although Malta is one of the smallest European states (according to the last census held in March 1996, Malta has a population of 376335), there is a lot of sports activity.

The Malta F.A. is formed of fifty (50) Member Clubs and seven (7) other Member Associations, which in turn organise football competitions for the clubs or teams affiliated to them. These Member Associations are the Gozo F.A., which is a regional association and which organises football competitions in the island of Gozo; the Inter Amateur Soccer Competition which organises competitions for amateur players; the Government/Parastatal Football Association, the Hotels and Restaurants Sports Association and the Industries Soccer Association which organise football competitions at places of work; the District Football Association which organises competitions on a district level; and the Youth Football Association which caters for young players under 16 years.

The Malta F.A. has registered with it 7,469 players in two different categories (amateur and non-amateur); 202 coaches in four different classes (Foundation, C Licence, B Licence and A Licence); and 86 referees in four different classes (Trainees, Third Class, Second Class and First Class). The First Class Category includes four (4) who are FIFA Referees and eight (8) who are FIFA Assistant Referees.

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